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  • Flower1470

    In the latest episode, The Lich, there was a scene where Finn busted into PB's bedroom to get the gem from her crown. In the struggle that followed, PB cut Finn with a pair of scissors that was in her hand.

    Afterwards, Finn gives PB a dirty look, and PB says, "That was an accident."

    I don't think so. I think she cut Finn to get him off of her. I mean, she couldn't be bothered to apologize?


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  • Flower1470

    I've seen a ton of blog posts on here about things like this and I decided to make one myself.

    Let's start with Finn. Finn has been a great character since the beginning, and I think most people can agree with that. As he got older, however, his feelings for Bubblegum definitely showed. She in turn sorta pushed him away. He stopped trying to get to her, and then found Flame Princess. That's where the drama started.

    I honestly think PB would've been a great girlfriend for Finn, if she was younger. If Finn grew older, PB must've as well. Which means Finn is 14 while PB is now 20. With 6 years separating them, I don't think that will work. Besides, PB has kinda downgraded Finn from "friend" to "hero" in her life, so how would that be good for hi…

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