I've seen a ton of blog posts on here about things like this and I decided to make one myself.


Let's start with Finn. Finn has been a great character since the beginning, and I think most people can agree with that. As he got older, however, his feelings for Bubblegum definitely showed. She in turn sorta pushed him away. He stopped trying to get to her, and then found Flame Princess. That's where the drama started.

Princess Bubblegum

I honestly think PB would've been a great girlfriend for Finn, if she was younger. If Finn grew older, PB must've as well. Which means Finn is 14 while PB is now 20. With 6 years separating them, I don't think that will work. Besides, PB has kinda downgraded Finn from "friend" to "hero" in her life, so how would that be good for him?

Flame Princess

FP has a great personality, which Finn likes, but I think he's missing one important point: SHE'S MADE OF FIRE! They can't go anywhere in their relationship when he's dating a FIREBALL! They use a ROCK to kiss each other! How is that emotionally healthy for either of them?!


Oh boy. Marcy has been a friend to Finn but they never really went anywhere with it. I hope it stays that way. And who wants to date a 1000-year old vampire? |#nuffsaid

Susan Strong

No, I'm not inclining that they should hook up! I'm going to explain my theory then see what you guys think of it: I think that Susan is going to end up being Finn's real mother.

  • Look at their hats. Finn has a strange hat while Susan does as well. Given that Finn was found with that hat (as seen in Memories of Boom Boom Mountain)....... hmm, I wonder where he got it?
  • She definitely seems old enough to be his mom
  • Oh, so they'd just bring a random human into the equation without a future storyline? Yeah, okay, sure.
  • Her and Finn are the only humans known currently. Finn couldn't have been made of thin air!

The only problem I see is that there is no sign of a father.


This is how I think the storyline will add up:

  • Finn loses FP (not sure how)
  • He goes chasing after PB yet again
  • But then everything is brought to a halt when he discovers Susan is somehow related to him.


  • PB tries to break apart FP and Finn so further attempts to destroy the earth aren't possible (I'm not sure how they'd go about this).


  • LSP, out of nowhere, gets suddenly jealous of FP and starts hanging out with Finn more
  • FP gets jealous and beats up LSP
  • Finn breaks up with FP
  • FP is never seen again (unless they want to bring her back for added drama later in the season)



No, just no. They wouldn't put that on a PG rated show.

Jake + Lady Rainacorn

Given that Lady's pregnant and Jake's her boyfriend, only twist I could see is if they aren't Jake's kids. I highly doubt they would do that, though.

Thanks for reading! :D