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  • I live in 38 death world
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is Being death and making sure i get to take your soul
  • I am Death

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  • Funcartfire

    Leaving the wiki

    January 30, 2013 by Funcartfire

    Hello and thank you for reading this i funcartfire will be leaving the wiki  if u have a reason i do not leave the wiki please put in in the comments here are the reasons im leaving the wiki:everyone treats me like crap sometimes,people dont care what i think and people treat me like nothing on the chat.I will miss freekinggamer,27princess,sabersworn,vampirekingofooo,musha33,serpent,master of the master,yuman11,cholt,fpf,fpblugo,Itzawsomesauce, loveh,gummi master.Thank you for reading this and if you want me to stay please tell me in the comments i wil reply

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  • Funcartfire

    Happy New Years Eve

    December 31, 2012 by Funcartfire

    Guys thanks if you are reading this well i am new to this but please read my stuff pople may come and go but thanks to you guys i can grow please read my stuff i may not be important yet but soon when i grow i will have friends everywhere thank you all if you read this and hope you all have a happy new years thanks for reading myblog guys and next one will be up in 2 hours so thanks hope you all read my stuff.

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  • Funcartfire

    Guys please help me

    December 31, 2012 by Funcartfire

    I found out that people dont read my stuff but please help me if you read my blogs please tell your friends to read my stuff I am starting everyday i will try to put of two blog post on AT so if my stuff may not grow please help me and I hope you read these everyday thank you. Funcartfire

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  • Funcartfire

    Finn may be a boy but he is growing he is 13 he has changed from a adventure guy to an adventurer he helps pb trys going on dates with fire princess but what shocked me the most was the episode with the little people when he was dating lady rainacorn since i found out Finn was trying to see what would happen and if you are old enough Finn was preety much watching it as he is 13 he gets older and watches more things now but what he did was a bit to old he was preety much just using the little people for pornographary as the night past that is what Finn was doing.                                      Do you belive me leave a comment please.

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  • Funcartfire

    AT is the bomb

    November 26, 2012 by Funcartfire

    AT may be a kids show but it is for all ages AT is amazing everyone should love it?

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