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  • Fweepers

    Wat are your thoughts to that new episode?

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  • Fweepers

    This is what i think about through Seasons 1-4.

    This season was just only slightly okay

    Finn's voice is high this season & it annoys me very much. Luckily it improves in Season Two. I just didn't like this season & it was boring for a first run. I rate this season a 50/100

    This season was better than the previous season. This season had good episodes but had a terrible special torwards the end. I thought things got a little bad after the middle of the season & the end was kinda boring.

    This season went downhill when Mystery Train aired. The only good episodes at the end of this season were Video Makers & Heat Signature. I rate this season 85/100.

    This season was okay.




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