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Is Princess Bubblegum cooler than Mario's Princess Peach?

GalaxyIdol September 3, 2012 User blog:GalaxyIdol
Peach getting kidnapped (again)
I'm sure everyone is familiar with Super Mario's sweetheart, Princess Peach, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and frequent captive of King Bowser. In fact, she seems to let herself be a captive a little too frequently, only fighting back on a few occasions. Princess Bubblegum is kinda like that on Adventure Time, being Ice King's main target, but after seeing episodes like Lady & Peebles, I realized how awesome she really is. Even though PB plays damsel in distress sometimes, she definitely knows how to kick butt every once in a while (and how to solve an algebraic equation).
PB is awesome
Bottom line, PB is definitely more awesome than Peach, but I'm more than happy to hear your input. ~_~

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