Hey guys its GM2 here and im gonna give my opinion on the top 10 episodes of the first season of Adventure Time.

ok there are 2 rules for this list 1) I must have seen this episode (obvs) and 2) the first episode and the short before the series started will not be counted cause that's no fun

ok here we go

Number 10: What Have You Done?- Ok I like this episode because it involves 2 of my favorite things 1) The story of this episode is excellent and 2) The Ice King gets tortured.

Number 9: Tree Trunks- I really dont know why I like this episode I just do

Number 8: My Two Favorite People- The story of this episode is very good, it involves Jake trying to hang out with Finn and Lady Rainicorn at the same time. I'm not gonna spoil the rest of the episode for those who havent seen it.

Number 7: Wizard- Again I don't know why I like this episode I just do

Number 6: The Duke- I don't need an explaination for this episode.

Number 5: The Jiggler- Another one where I don't know why I like it I just do.

Number 4: Business Time- I don't need an explaination

Number 3: Henchman- Ok so this episode was probably one of the best so far. If some recall when this came out that we had only seen Marceline once before and after that appearence thought that she was an antagonist. We couldntve been more wrong.

Number 2: Dungeon- No explaination needed

Number 1: Evicted!- This is definatly my number one for the first season. The story is good, and the episode was done very well. Also we got introduced to the last major character that wasnt in the first short.

Well thats my list thanks for reading and leave a positive or negative comment below.