This is a day I have dread for a long time.

I will talk about bubbline but heres how I'm gonna do it for this episode. I will go over the story of how this monster of a speculation came to be. Then ill tell my opinions on the tale.

Heres the beginning of this story

In the episode "What Was Missing" Finn, Jake, PB, and Marceline have to form a band to stop a door lord from getting away with their most prized possessions and during the end it turns out that Marceline gave PB a shirt that was taken as her prized possession. This brings me to the theory.

The Shipping

In all the confusion about this someone thought that Marceline had a crush on PB and this "theory" became wildly popular later on.


In the recap show Mathmateical! this speculation became more popular. This led to the recap show being cancelled. Now that youve heard the story lets hear my opinion

My Opinion

In the end i think bubbline is the worst thing to have Adventure Time associated with it. Not only does it make no sense but it ruins the rep of 2 of AT's most vital characters.

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