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  • I live in a place called fabuland
  • My occupation is using my magical powers
  • I am a llama
  • Gazerkids

    hi friends imy all so much

    and ive been getting suPER SENTIMENTAL BC THE CHAT IS DEAD

    so yes pls can we organize a reunion

    that i think would make everyone's day

    cause like other people, i know im not the only one who still has a bit of hope

    tbh we were this huge family and im sad to see it gone too soon (I WASNT EVEN HERE WHEN IT WAS IN ITS PEAK)

    and i know everyone is busy with their own lives or maybe even have forgotten about it, i dont blame anyone

    for it cause soon enough we all know it's inevitable

    but seriously i think we should just all remind ourselves of what we had and what we still can have

    i suck at spelling n grammar so pls bear with me

    and also with sentimental posts

    bery much



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  • Gazerkids

    Dear fellow wiki users, the purpose for this blog is to explain why we need more asian time zone mods. The only current asian time zone mod right now is OS, the reason we need more users with asian time zones to be promoted is because:

    1. Most mods aren't on enough as it is, with the exception of IB, FM, and OS.

    2. Most American time zone mods are asleep around this time. 

    3. We have a lack of mods as it is.

    I'm aware you might be thinking "More mods aren't necessary we have enough as it is" That isn't true, 6 mods definitely isn't enough seeing as of how most of them are asleep around this time. OS is an Asian high school student so he can't be on all the time, as he has school work, homework, and needs his sleep for school. FM or as he is cu…

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