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can we have a chat reunion pls

hi friends imy all so much

and ive been getting suPER SENTIMENTAL BC THE CHAT IS DEAD

so yes pls can we organize a reunion

that i think would make everyone's day

cause like other people, i know im not the only one who still has a bit of hope

tbh we were this huge family and im sad to see it gone too soon (I WASNT EVEN HERE WHEN IT WAS IN ITS PEAK)

and i know everyone is busy with their own lives or maybe even have forgotten about it, i dont blame anyone

for it cause soon enough we all know it's inevitable

but seriously i think we should just all remind ourselves of what we had and what we still can have

i suck at spelling n grammar so pls bear with me

and also with sentimental posts

bery much



p.s i actually used to have alot of tc and chat stuff bUT I THINK I LOST THEM OR DELETED THEMAJHSDJ

(only thing i found should i be crying)
Download (3) - Copy

xOXO LLAMA (((((wink wonk)))))))))))

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