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    I did it! :D

    March 9, 2016 by GeneralLDS

    I figured out how to change my avatar! All I needed to do was use a computer!!!!!!

    Now I can be just like you guys and  people won't think I just joined! Yay!!!!!!!!!


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    There are only a few possible futures for adventure time. All of them can be described using the Ice Kings Crown as a reference. Some futures have it where Betty fixes the crown, some have it where she fails. I compiled most of them into a list.

    1. She fails. It is very likely that Betty does not succeed in reversing the crowns effects. It is also likely that due to this, the ice king completely looses it. The episode "Graybles 1000+" and and upcoming episode titled "Broke his Crown" support this. It is also an unspoken taboo that people with magical abilities are usually incompetent at complex tasks. Possibility: 13/20

    2." The future everyone hopes for." In this future, Betty reverses the effects of the crown and causes it to become it'…

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    April 21, 2015 by GeneralLDS

    I recently got ridiculously bored.So I went on Garage Band and made a song.

    Here's the soundcloud link to it.:

    First song I've ever made. I'n proud. :)

    I might have futer in this career.

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    April 19, 2015 by GeneralLDS

    Sup.I'm very proud of myself. On Ice kings page, someone messed up a dialogue quote. And i fixed it. :D There were a bunch if other mistakes I didn't fix though. Mostly because it's really hard to edit stuff on an ipad.

    On another account, which I completely forgot the password to, I made a very correcting edit. Someone had refernced the wrong episode for a ceratin event. ( they made a mistake and said Ice King became friends with Finn and Jake in the episode "All you're fault" when in reality it was in the episde "What have you done. )

    Honest mistake. I get them confused all the time. For whatever reason.

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