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  • GhostHarvester

    well i play fallout alot and theres something in the game called a G.E.C.K garden of eden creation kit

    The GECK builders had no idea what the post-nuclear world would be like, and they had no real way to anticipate it, despite their "thorough tests" (it's doubtful they gave it much thought, to be honest, considering how badly organized the Safehouse project alone was, not to mention the experimental nature of the Vaults) - still, it seems as if the seeds present in the GECK were viable for Vault 8.

    The GECK's designers assumed that the Vault dwellers would know how to read and how to operate the various advanced technologies present in the Vault - they did not plan for the reduced knowledge of pre-War technologies common among wasteland trib…

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  • GhostHarvester


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