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  • Giaria

    so its been a while

    December 12, 2016 by Giaria

    god uh

    i dont really know what to say? its definitely been a while ill give you that and ive definitely changed a lot [as have... most everyone else i assume]

    im not super in to adventure time anymore and most of the people i knew on here i havent talked to in ages or really even... wanted to talk to because some people were pretty bad to me and i prefer not to think about that but

    i just wanted to pop back in! say hello make sure everythings going alright because i havent been around and that kind of sucks so i hope yall are doin well and that things are going great for you

    adventure time is ending soon and maybe once its over ill watch it all again and get back into it? im not sure! 

    until next time - 03:34 Mon Dec 12

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