Chapter Two

NOTE: 2p!Finn is quieter than 1p!Finn. He doesn't talk with a slang either. He's almost like the "Silent, but deadly" type. Not referring to farts. Also, 2p!Jake is ... very, very rude. So is 2p!Finn. xD ~Prussia

**2p!Finn's veiw**

Exhaustion overwhelmed me as I slid my pack to the floor. Sweat trickled down my forhead and drenched my dark T-Shirt. Killing is tiring. Especially if you are trying to kill someone who is hard to catch for 5-6 hours. 

Midnight was nearing when I returned to the Fort. Moonlight shone through the window, painting the wooden floor boards silver. I'm not fond of ... pretty things. So I looked away. 

I was aching to go to bed. But I figured I had better wash up first and get the bloodstains off my clothes. Or else Jake will say I "stank up the room with my odor."

I headed upstairs into the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, I splashed cold water on my face and tried to scrub out all the bloodstains. I'll wash the shirt after. 

The cold water felt good on my hot face. After a couple more splashes, I looked up. What I saw actually scared me. Not many things scare me, but this did.

It was me ... but not me. It looked like me. A lot. Staring back at me was a boy who was probably my age, with the exact same height and features. But ... he still didn't quite look like me.

Instead of silver hair, purple-red eyes, a necklace with a bear tooth, and a black T-shirt on, he had blone hair, blue eyes, a hat I think was made of bear skin, and a pale blue T-shirt. He was also slightly less muscular than I was. 

But ... he looks so much like me. I felt my heart start to pound in my chest, but I wish it wouldn't. I don't want to show any weakness ... but this was still freaking me out.

I backed away from the mirror, seeing the other "me" do the same. I wondered if someone was playing a joke on me. If they were, I'd give them a nice blade in their neck as their next birthday gift. 

I shook my head as if to clear it, but it did no good. The reflection "me" did the same. Can't standing any more of this, I ran out.

"Jake," I whispered, shoving him roughly.

"Go away," he growled. He slashed at me, but I dodged quickly.

"It's urgent," I said and punched him.

"What? I was dreaming about killing a bird." I glared at him, and he sighed. "Okay. If it's so important you're waking me up this early ..."

"It is. I saw myself in the mirror. It wasn't really me though. It looked like me, but was like ... a ..." I paused, trying to come up with the right word. "A light version of myself."

"... Sounds weird. Ya sure you're not hallucinating?" He growled.

"... I thought I was. But I had splashed water on my face to make sure. He was still there."

He let out a quiet snarl and followed me to the bathroom. I leaned up over to the mirror and saw ... me. The real me. Not "Light Finn."

I was so confused.

"Ack. There's nothing there except you." He let out a growl filled with pure anger.

"You're gonna pay for this. You were just hallucinating. You stayed up late trying to kill, so that's what you get," he grumbled and left to go to bed.

I hesitated. Looking back at the mirror, I saw it was "Light Finn."

Something is ... out of place. I wouldn't hallucinate and see a lighter version of myself. Would I?