Chapter One

NOTE: For those of you unsure what 2p is, it is another side of a character. They will act differently and look different than the normal 1p characters. If you watch "Hetalia: Axis Powers" you will know what 2p is. This is a story I've wanted to try for a while. ~Prussia XD

**1p!Finn's veiw (Normal Finn)**

Exhaustion overwhelmed me as I slid my backpack on the floor. Sweat trickled down my forehead and practically drenched my pale-blue shirt. Adventuring takes a lot out of ya. Especially if you are trying to fight and catch a freaking thief who moves fast as heck, and then ya gotta chase it.

Midnight was nearing when I just got back to the tree house, and moonlight shone through the window, painting the wooden floor boards silver. 

I could hardly wait to slide into bed, but I figured I'd better wash up. Or else Jake will say I stunk up the room with my "sweaty body odor." 

I climbed up the ladder and entered the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, I splashed cold water on my face. Ahh~ ... Feels so good. After splashing a couple more times, I looked up to the mirror.

What I saw scared the crud out of me. Staring back at me from the mirror wasn't me ... was it? I blinked a couple times, figuring I was hallucinating. But the figure was still there. 

I mean, he looked a lot like me. Exact same height, face-structure, and expression. But ... he had silver-ish hair, purple-red eyes, a necklace with a ... bear tooth, and a black T-shirt on. He was also slightly more muscular than I am, and he had bloodstains splattered on his shirt and skin. Those were only the real differences. I have blone hair, blue eyes, a bear-hat, and a blue T-shirt. 

But ... still. He looked exactly like me. My heart thudded in my chest. This isn't me ... is it? I backed away from the mirror, seeing the other "me?" do the same. Is this some kind of joke? I shook my head roughly, but the reflection did the same. I turned and ran out of the room, bursting into the bedroom.

"Jake! Jake! Wake up, bro!" I panted at his bed, shaking his shoulder.

"Hm ... Go away. I'm having an awesome dream about bacon~" He murmured sleepily, pawing my hand away. 

I rolled my eyes, and shoved him harder. "Jake, please. It's important."

He blinked his eyes open. "Mm, what?! I was dreaming about this place, and everything was made of bacon!" He sighed deeply and heaved a yawn. "Okay. If you're getting me up this early, it must be important."

"It is," I reassured him. "I saw ... myself in the mirror. But ... It wasn't really me. He looked like me, but wasn't really me. Plus, he was splattered with bloodstains."

"Weird, man. You sure you aren't hallucinating?" He grumbled disbelievingly.

"I thought I was. I splashed water on my face a couple more times after that, but he was still there!" I protested.

Jake heaved a sigh, not liking having to be woken up so early in the morning. He slid out of his bed and followed me to the bathroom. 

I went over to the mirror and saw ... me. The real me. Blonde haired, blue-eyed Finn. Not creepy Dark Finn. 

"Hm ... Dude, there's nothing there except you."

"But ... I swear. He was there. A dark version of myself." I heaved a sigh, looking back at Jake. His eyes flickered angrily at me.

"You're gonna pay for waking me up, bro. You were just hallucinating, since you were up all night adventuring for who-knows-why," he growled. "I'm off to bed now." With that, he left and headed off to bed. I hesitated. Looking back at the mirror, I saw the real me. Figuring Jake was right, I headed off to bed. But I looked back once more, and saw "Dark Finn." 

Something's up. I wouldn't normally hallucinate like that or see a Dark version of myself. Would I?

'Hah. How'd you guys like my first blog-post/story? I probably failed at some things, but that's okay. I hope you liked Dark/2p!Finn. 'Tschüss! (Bye!) ~ Prussia (Gilbert)
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This is a real fan-art I drew on GIMP.