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September 3, 2012
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  • GlobGirl

    So, I just recently watched the episode "Who Would Win." For my opinion it was pretty good. It was unexppected that Finn and Jake fought. The last part was the funniest part because Finn and Jake bit Farm's butt. I also liked the part when Jake took Finn's shorts. That was pretty funny.

    So yeah, just having my last blog of the day. Thanks for reading!

    Wait for tomorrow's update!

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  • GlobGirl

    So my next favorite episode is From Bad to Worse. It was so funny when LSP said "My formula's gonna cure all the zombies 'cause I made the prettiest formula." LOL. I like to talk like LSP and my friends thinks I'm funny when I do it. I also like the last part when Peebles said rejoice and as it gets nearer to her face, it was so funny.

    My next favorite episode is Evicted. I like Evicted 'cause Marceline was there. I like the part when she said "I'm Marceline, the vampire queen." And there was singing, and I like it. And when Finn dance on the cave, that was cool.

    And my next favorite episode was The Eyes. The horse was so creepy. Its so funny when the horse gets its eyes bigger. My favorite part was when Jake was told to lure the horse but h…

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  • GlobGirl

    I have so many favorite Adventure Time Episodes. The first one was Power Animal. My favorite part of Power Animals was when Jake taught the beetle how to shake. I always dance like that infront of my classmates. LOL. My second favorite episode was Ocean of Fear. My favorite parts of Ocean of Fear was when a drop of oceanwater land on Finn's face and it had slow-mo. My second favorite part of Ocean of Fear was when they were rhyming. I like rhymes. And my last favorite part was when Fear Feaster doing sarcasm with Finn.

    "And I live in a two bedroom apartment that doesn't smell like vomit. Haha, sarcasm."

    My next favorite episode was Another Way. The clown nurses were pretty scary. My favorite part was when Finn forced to cross the river with…

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  • GlobGirl

    I celebrated my birthday on August 8,2012. My sisters surprised me and gave me Adventure Time Shirts! I was really happy! They knew I really love Adventure Time! The blue shirt was really funny because it had Finn's face. I like the other one because it had the main characters, Finn, Jake,Marceline,Peebles,Ice King,Tree Trunks and Shelby.Too bad Lady Rainicorn wasn't there. So I had the best birthday ever, I will always remember the shirts.

    ) Thanks for reading.
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  • GlobGirl

    Haven't watch "His Hero." :(

    September 3, 2012 by GlobGirl

    So yeah, I watch like all the Adventure Time Episode from Season 1 to the latest season except for "His Hero." I so want to watch it. My friends already watch it. I kept searching it on Youtube but just random things appear. I always watch Adventure Time, in the tv or in the internet. I've watch all the latest episodes and the upcoming previews.

    And if you know where to watch "His Hero", please tell me! Please!Please!Please! :) I so wanted to watch it so bad.

    So just pm me :)

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