I have so many favorite Adventure Time Episodes. The first one was Power Animal. My favorite part of Power Animals was when Jake taught the beetle how to shake. I always dance like that infront of my classmates. LOL. My second favorite episode was Ocean of Fear. My favorite parts of Ocean of Fear was when a drop of oceanwater land on Finn's face and it had slow-mo. My second favorite part of Ocean of Fear was when they were rhyming. I like rhymes. And my last favorite part was when Fear Feaster doing sarcasm with Finn.

"And I live in a two bedroom apartment that doesn't smell like vomit. Haha, sarcasm."

My next favorite episode was Another Way. The clown nurses were pretty scary. My favorite part was when Finn forced to cross the river with the talking bush and calling him ugly fat-smelling fat head. I laughed so hard. I like the talking bush's voice, I like what he said.

"You can't cross this river, it's impossible! Look: The current, it's so fast it'll turn your butt inside-out for real, doofus. The water's so acidic it'll crump your boat in half. It's like orange juice, it's gross. There's a bridge, but it's a trap! Plus the water's jamming with electric eels. Wow, so weird. Anyway, that's it, there's no other way around you dummy."

So yeah, i'll just continue the part two tomorrow. It's pretty late here.

Thanks for reading :)