So my next favorite episode is From Bad to Worse. It was so funny when LSP said "My formula's gonna cure all the zombies 'cause I made the prettiest formula." LOL. I like to talk like LSP and my friends thinks I'm funny when I do it. I also like the last part when Peebles said rejoice and as it gets nearer to her face, it was so funny.

My next favorite episode is Evicted. I like Evicted 'cause Marceline was there. I like the part when she said "I'm Marceline, the vampire queen." And there was singing, and I like it. And when Finn dance on the cave, that was cool.

And my next favorite episode was The Eyes. The horse was so creepy. Its so funny when the horse gets its eyes bigger. My favorite part was when Jake was told to lure the horse but he lured the snake. I also like when Finn said he wanted to marry his bed and also Jake.

So these are one of my most favorite episodes of Adventure Time! Thank ya'll for reading :))