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    Sons of Mars review

    July 24, 2012 by Gofish13

    i'm starting my first adventure time review so here goes. if you haven't seen the new episode i suggest you do before reading because i might spoil it for you.

    anyway in the new episode called "Sons of Mars" we finnaly see globgrobgobgrod (sorry if i got it in the wrong order) and we find out magic man is their brother. now this is actually interesting that they made magic man globgrobgobgrod's brother but it doesn't seem that important to me atleast not at the moment of this episode i don't know if they'll do ore later. but just having him as someone who broke martian law is good enough for now. anyway magic man switches bodies with jake and jake gets arrested so magic man (now as jake) takes finn to his house. witch i don't understand why…

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    I'm back

    July 24, 2012 by Gofish13

    I'm back all negative 3 of you that care. anyway i was off an adventure time mood for a while not that i didn't like it just that i was busy because school was ending and then i was on vacation. so i'm back. anyway i hink i might start reviewing the new adventure time epsodes just for fun and also start doing what my original intent was for blog posts and post a random one every friday. also i will try to contribute to the actual wiki as much as i can but it's next to impossible for me to do that because every page is already made and i'm no like a super omega fan where i would map off the screen into a grid and pay attention to one small square everytime i watch adventure time to edit any pages. also i will be on the chat as often as poss…

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  • Gofish13

    well adventure time will always be my altime favorite show but i still really love other shows one of those being the total drama series.

    and i'm making this blog post on the newest one revenge of the island or tdri as i call it. it takes pace back on the island and i like it more than the original for some reason. possibly because it's just a different feel then the original.

    it has a 13 characters

    anne maria a.k.a. snookie, B, brick, cameron, dawn, dakota, jo, lightning, mike, sam, scott, stacy, and zoey.

    my personal favorites are

    brick because he's just hilarious

    scott because he's my favorite TD antagonist

    and sam i like sam because he's relatable because he's a gamer nerd and me and all my firends love video games.

    overall i just love the fee…

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  • Gofish13

    science festival

    April 27, 2012 by Gofish13

    well it's been a bout a week since my lst blog post so heres just something you would find aon something like a normal blog on a normal blog posting site.

    i'm going to the U.S.A. science festival tommarow april 27th. for sneak peak firday. there will be all of this cool stuff. and i get to meet bill nye, a random person dressed as ben franklin, the mythbusters, and the one lady from the big bang theory. sadly no sheldon cooper.

    anyway i made a list of what i'm going to do

    1. get there and science dance all around the convention

    2. act like a stupid person and think he guy in the benjamin franklin costume is the real ben franklin

    3. meet bill nye and get him to autograph a picture

    4. yell at the woman "you're not sheldon!"

    5. go home because i got…

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    special cn blog

    April 19, 2012 by Gofish13

    i'm makng a special blog post about cartoon network because i'm going back down nostalgia lane. anyway i've just noticed the evolution of cn. i mean it seems like cartoon cartoon fridays turned into har har tharsdays.

    but that soon turned to that giant mess of adventuretime then regular show then mad then symbionic titan, or robotomy, or gumball, or secret mountain fort awesome, or problems solverz. that was all mushed to gether so they got rid of a few of the shows moved one to tuesday and left adventure time, regular show, and MAD. but then they sort of brought back cartoon cartoon fridays with a show based off of another show. called cartoon planet

    it has shows from har har tharsdays and cartoon cartoon fridays. but other then blocks let'…

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