i'm starting my first adventure time review so here goes.

if you haven't seen the new episode i suggest you do before reading because i might spoil it for you.
Sons of Mars promo art

promotional art for episode. sorry i didn't use the title card

anyway in the new episode called "Sons of Mars" we finnaly see globgrobgobgrod (sorry if i got it in the wrong order) and we find out magic man is their brother. now this is actually interesting that they made magic man globgrobgobgrod's brother but it doesn't seem that important to me atleast not at the moment of this episode i don't know if they'll do ore later. but just having him as someone who broke martian law is good enough for now. anyway magic man switches bodies with jake and jake gets arrested so magic man (now as jake) takes finn to his house. witch i don't understand why magic man's house is so dirty but i have a million and 1 questions about magic man so i'm just gonna say he's a weird dude.

so anyway finn uses magic man's transporter to get to mars. And well now finn's on mars i love how they designed mars' city it looks great. but you know if adventure time goes on mars we're gonna meet the 16th president. and infact we do abraham lincoln is the king of mars. wel back to the story of the episode.

globgrobgobgrod is explaining the evil things that magic man did. and so they are going to kill him a.k.a. jake well finn gets into the arena/c
S4e15 Abe Lincoln

abraham lincoln

ourtroom and finn accidently kills jake. so abraham lincoln goes to the 37th dead world and trades his immortality for jake to come back alive. another quick question how did abraham lincoln become immortal is it like his spirit that was on mars or when he was shot some abraham lincoln worshipping cult found the dragon balls and wished for abraham lincoln to have come back to life and be immortal.

okay i was just joking about abraham lincoln cults and dragonballs but still the most likely thing is it's his spirit. anyway back to the episode again. jake comes back to life and finn and jake go back to magic man's house where everything else happens so fast at the end the only thing i can remember is the manticore saying how he is the ture coward and his jail is now shame.

well over all the episode was awesome it just got a bit too fast at the end so should have sped up the beggining and middle instead of only the end in my opinion but it's still cool. i hope they do more with magic man and globgrobgobgrod and stuff and make it return otherise if they don't i would just call this an average adventure time episode where it's just something bad happens and the hero must fix it but becuase of the irl that magic man had a picture of (sorry i forget her name) i'm certain this story is gonna be continued so this is not an average episode and i give it an 8 out of 10 only an 8 because the jokes didn;t really seem to stand out at me like other adventure time jokes and the ending was fast but the possibilty of a sequal episode saves it from being a 7. this has been my first adventure time episode review and i hope you enjoyed. bye.


i hope you enjoyed