well adventure time will always be my altime favorite show but i still really love other shows one of those being the total drama series.

and i'm making this blog post on the newest one revenge of the island or tdri as i call it. it takes pace back on the island and i like it more than the original for some reason. possibly because it's just a different feel then the original.

it has a 13 characters

anne maria a.k.a. snookie, B, brick, cameron, dawn, dakota, jo, lightning, mike, sam, scott, stacy, and zoey.

my personal favorites are

brick because he's just hilarious

scott because he's my favorite TD antagonist

and sam i like sam because he's relatable because he's a gamer nerd and me and all my firends love video games.

overall i just love the feel of the show and i think it's amazing. i think i did it i made it through a whole post of an upcomming show without spoiling it. oh yeah i already knows who wins the episdoes are all on youtube but 7-13 are sideways and 7 is in black and white. well bye.