well it's been a bout a week since my lst blog post so heres just something you would find aon something like a normal blog on a normal blog posting site.

i'm going to the U.S.A. science festival tommarow april 27th. for sneak peak firday. there will be all of this cool stuff. and i get to meet bill nye, a random person dressed as ben franklin, the mythbusters, and the one lady from the big bang theory. sadly no sheldon cooper.
Sheldon cooper

he's sad. because he can't see my smartness

anyway i made a list of what i'm going to do

1. get there and science dance all around the convention

2. act like a stupid person and think he guy in the benjamin franklin costume is the real ben franklin

3. meet bill nye and get him to autograph a picture

4. yell at the woman "you're not sheldon!"

5. go home because i got kicked out for yelling at the woman.

all in all i hope my trip is gonna be freakin awesome and i just can't wait to go.

(i'm not trying to brag if it sounds like i am i am just super excited to go to the festival).