i'm makng a special blog post about cartoon network because i'm going back down nostalgia lane. anyway i've just noticed the evolution of cn. i mean it seems like
Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Open01:27

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Open

cartoon cartoon fridays turned into har har tharsdays.
Cartoon Network Har Har Tharsdays Opening00:31

Cartoon Network Har Har Tharsdays Opening

but that soon turned to that giant mess of adventuretime then regular show then mad then symbionic titan, or robotomy, or gumball, or secret mountain fort awesome, or problems solverz. that was all mushed to gether so they got rid of a few of the shows moved one to tuesday and left adventure time, regular show, and MAD. but then they sort of brought back cartoon cartoon fridays with a show based off of another show.
Cartoon Planet classic Cartoon Network shows Fridays 8 7c!00:32

Cartoon Planet classic Cartoon Network shows Fridays 8 7c!

called cartoon planet

it has shows from har har tharsdays and cartoon cartoon fridays. but other then blocks let's go over the main shows that everyone has heard about. (some shows may not be on here because i don't know about them)

dexter's lab, powerpuff girls, cow and chicken, i am weasle, ed edd n eddy, courage the cowardly dog, sheep in the big city, codename kids next door, samurai jack, grim adventures of billy and mandy, evil con carne, fosters home for imaginary friends, ben 10, camp lazlo, my gym partner is a monkey, ben 10 alien force, johny test, chowder, flapjack, adventure time, regular show, MAD, amazing world of gumball, looney toons show, problem solverz, sym bionic titan, robotomy and secret mountain fort awesome. woah thats alot of shows and thats still not all. anyway, what i mean is they have had so much variety, and have changed so differently well i'm losing my nostalgia and am getting tired at the momment so i'm gonna have to end it off here.