• Gofish13

    well i'm new to fusionfall have been on for about a month or so and the adventure time stuff has really stood out. i pretty sure it's because they look pretty weird compared to other cartoon network characters. but i mean finn and PB look pretty creepy compared to other characters.

    i know it's because the show is a lot different then others but i mean dexter is anime and they put this affect on pb but finn looks more like a skinny soup can then an anime character.

    the level i played on the other hand is actually pretty cool i also like how they made jake a bouncy platform.

    well all in all i love how they implimiented adventure time into the game.

    so anyway see ya tommarow for another blog post (for all 0 reading)

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  • Gofish13

    this is my first blog post actually it's my first time writing on this site besides in the chat.

    So anyway what would finn look like in real life. would he still be a tube? would he be more realistic and more like a human?

    but also why is fionna the shape of a human i mean i know fionna was created like 3 or more years after finn why did they not make her a toob also.

    i'm just confused on what he would look like in real life. he would either be scary and look kind of like a psycho or just like a normal person wearing the skin of a lego block for a hat. well bye.

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