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If you could have a character in Adventure Time, what would it be?

  • Feel free to type up your own fictional character, but please don't make something up that conflicts with events in Adventure Time.

My character would be a half werewolf half warlock who looks like a human but has werewolf ears, sharp teeth, and a tail. His name would be Ericthos Garslin but shortens it as Eric. He would be from the Werewolf Kingdom as a great knight but was exiled for a crime he didn't commit. He would now live in a normal looking house up above, but would actually live in catacombs underneath to avoid turning into a werewolf. He would have a few pets such as a giant snow colored owl named Zelpharon who can shoot ice beams from his beak and a few robotic assistants to help around. He would wear a pale yellow shirt, black long pants, and a baseball cap with holes in it for his ears to stick out. He also has a sword that has different elemental enchantments with different sword shapes. Ex: Water: the blade looks like a katana made out of water and can grow or shrink appropriately with water droplets coming off it.

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