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  • Greatfinn

    I am sorry

    July 21, 2012 by Greatfinn

    Hey guys.Its me.Im gonna tell you guys something.Now,i know some of you guys got a message from my user telling you guys about my fan fiction which got me blocked.But it was not me it was my little brother.He somehow knew my password and about my fan fiction.Now for some of you guys that dont believe me,and who wants to hate me its okay.But with this mail i am sorry about my brother and if my brother gave you any discomfort.Please forgive me

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  • Greatfinn

    One day in the land of OOO,Finn and Jake are having breakfast with BMO.Suddenly someone came in the door.It was Flame Princess.She was breathing heavily

    "Hey whats wrong Flame Princess"said Finn



    "Its the Lich"said Flame Princess

    "Oh no"Jake said

    "Its bad he has destroyed my kingdom"Flame Princess said

    "Okay,please let us talk for a while okay"


    "Dude what are we gonna do"

    "We beated him before whats wrong now?"

    "Now you like FP NOT PB"

    "Oh yeah guess its gonna be a bit harder without any thing"

    And so the three of them headed to the Fire Kingdom

    They found the Lich but in a new body.A Mighty Gladiator

    And so they fought the new Lich.It was a very difficult battle.

    Flame Princess then threw finn an item.His old golden sword

    It wa…

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  • Greatfinn

    Flame Princess is the only character that we can predict in which episodes she will appear.Until now all of the episodes she appears (like the wikia said)is fire connected although it can be from any language.For example:

    1."Incendium".In Latin it means "Fire" or "Burning"(Season3)

    2."Hot To The Touch"(Season 4)

    3."Burning Low"(Season 4)

    4."Ignition Point"(maybe)(Season 4)

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