One day in the land of OOO,Finn and Jake are having breakfast with BMO.Suddenly someone came in the door.It was Flame Princess.She was breathing heavily

"Hey whats wrong Flame Princess"said Finn



"Its the Lich"said Flame Princess

"Oh no"Jake said

"Its bad he has destroyed my kingdom"Flame Princess said

"Okay,please let us talk for a while okay"


"Dude what are we gonna do"

"We beated him before whats wrong now?"

"Now you like FP NOT PB"

"Oh yeah guess its gonna be a bit harder without any thing"

And so the three of them headed to the Fire Kingdom

They found the Lich but in a new body.A Mighty Gladiator

And so they fought the new Lich.It was a very difficult battle.

Flame Princess then threw finn an item.His old golden sword

It was not only a sword to fight.It can defeat the Lich Because It was also fixed by Flame Princess.They knew it can defeat The Lich.Then they defeated The Lich.But then a note dropped.It says"I created 100 clones of myself.This is 1"Then Flame Princess approached Finn

"That was really cool Finn"

"Thanks"said Finn

In a tree not far from the place the real Lich saw how close Finn is with Flame Princess.He then thinked of a plan

To be continued.........................

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