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  • Greenninja2.0

    Wanted fans are being weird so have you seen these strangers?

    Just for fun right? Show me what you thought,leave a comment for the royal Banana Guard ;D

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  • Greenninja2.0

    What do you think of her?

    is she nice

    is she evil

    can she eat

    tell me,i want to know if she is tops blubby,or causes penguin barf

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  • Greenninja2.0

    Princess Cookie

    June 8, 2012 by Greenninja2.0

    Prinncess Cookie might be a cookie who tries to take over the candy kindom.or might be working for the lich to kidnap PB and posses the prinncess. tell me what you think

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  • Greenninja2.0

    Abraham Lincoln

    May 30, 2012 by Greenninja2.0

    He was in the animated short,he was in a picture with the lord of evil,and not so evil.

    what if the lich was transported in Mars and had an epic battle between Aberham Lincon,finn,jake,and everyone good in the land of ooo.(like the ice king sometimes)Abe has been noticed for a long time.Tell me what you think, leave a comment or some blitz

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  • Greenninja2.0


    May 29, 2012 by Greenninja2.0

    i got it,what will happen in Golid.

    finn,pepperment buttler, and jake will chase death because he accedently told them about the snail (lich).then the next day PB will come and tell then about golid (might be 13 year old PB).then to win the prinncess (PB) mortality back they babysit kids for death then the lich will come.tell me what you think,leave a comment for the lich.

    or it could be that everyone got reborn by death and PB will alomost die

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