Remember the computers that Jake crashed into when Finn saw Bannana Man in "New Frontiers"? what if the computers were B-Mo's early creations or some biz.If thats right then what about beemo's gender does he have one? B-MO Noire is a soon comming seoson four episode so does it have to do something with The Lich? Let's not forget Flame Princess,she started season four,plus why isn't she with the other prinncesses in the promo of
"Princess Monster Wife"? let's get back to Beemo.
He played soccer near the forest (as seen in AT art pics) in the episode "In Your Footsteps" (near the liches mountain/ lair)who knows what happenend to him there.
If FP or B-MO are the liches solders (beemo and FP are my favorites so don't think it's because i hate them or some donkus) then it's the end for finn and jake.And FP went to the goblen kingdom (near the Lich).Plus who made Beemo?Was it Finn,was it Jake,or was it The Lich?

Tell me what you think, leave a comment or some donkus.