==Explanation ==

To those out there I just wanted to say that after reading how some shows have creepy theories like ed, edd, n eddy I figured I would add my theories of Adventure Time characters. Afterall it seems like the world of Adventure Time is full of things part of our world, but also things that are not. I also would like to hear your own theories if you have the chance.Please note i will expand over the days.

==Theory ==

Finn-In the late 21st century Finn was born to happy young couple who were in their mid-twenties. He was around 5 monthes old when his parents were murdered. Finn was found in his bedroom,hidden in the closet by his parents, by an official. He was then brought in by the official, who was also a scientist. The official then realized ,with his studies of space, that earth would suffer a horrible war that would scar it for life. He then decided to send Finn into space in a cryo tube, which would return to Earth in one-hundred years, in hopes that someone could take care of him.After one-hundred years Finn returned to Earth to find it very different. He then wanders away from the cryo tube and ends up being found by Jake's Mother, who takes him in as Jake's brother.

Talking Dogs- After the war ended up with human mass extinction,not including Finn or other potential survivors, dogs began to realize they needed to adapt to survive without their masters. They then developed human vocal chords so they could speak in their masters' tongues.The dogs also developed better motor skills allowing them to grab objects firmly with their hands, and to be able to walk on their hind legs. Soon the dogs became one of the first civilized species to exist after the humans.