Escape From Nightmare Planet is My Episode For Adventure Time.


Finn and Jake Enters The Planet of The Nightmare Medic, and They Gotta Escape Before They Are Going to Be Killed By The Nightmare Medic. 


Part 1

The Episode Starts With Finn Saws a Vision of The Nightmare Medic Killing Someone in The Nightosphere. Finn Wakes Up and Tells Jake His Nightmare. Finn Told Him He Saw a Scary Guy in His Nightmare. Jake tells Finn that its just a dream. then Finn Believes Jake. Later That Night Finn & Jake Saw The RED Soldier Outside Their House, The 2 Heroes Goes Outside and Says "Hey". RED Soldier Says "Hello Finn & Jake", Finn & Jake Gets Shocked and Finn Asked  "How Do You Know Our Names" RED Soldier Answers "I Watch Your Own TV Show "Adventure Time" and I am a Fan Of You *Smiles*" The 3 Persons Reunites But Saws a "Demonic Pyro" Opening a Portal to Nightmare Planet, The 3 Persons (Same Words) Follows The Demonic Pyro to Check It Out Where is It Going. To Be Continued.....


Major Characters

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Dumpster Diver
  • Nightmare Medic
  • Demonic Pyro
  • RED Pyro
  • RED Soldier 
  • Merasmas

Minor Characters

  • Carrier Tank (Cameo)



  • Nightmare Medic Here.
  • In This Episode It Isn't Gonna Be Just a Short Episode.
  • The Episode Was For The Pyro Fans.
  • The Creator Accidently Erased The Other Words and Gets Enraged!