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Guys some info I got for dese pics

S5 e1 Farmworld Marceline warning Farmworld Finn of the crown
Okay I think this -------------------------------->

Is Marcy in Farmworld, or Marcy's mom Cuz look at her boots (in a different view) and she's with a dead Simon. Also, in the preview, she's says she's 1000 years old :O

Next, dis -------------------------------------------------->
S5 e1 Big Ds crown shorts

Destiny Gang guy. Maybeh he knows Ice King? Or took the crown from Finn (cuz Finn took the crown from dead Simon in the preview)? I also think this guy is human

And lastly, this----------------------------------------------------------->

I think the skeleton is the lady I talked about up there^^^^^ Or maybe this is fanart. Either way, I dont trust facebook. Maybe this is how Jake got his powers? That actually may be Marcy

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