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    "Hey man, where do babies come from?" Finn asked Jake as they were playing their newest video game. "Well Finn, are you sure you want to know? You might be freaked out or something by it--YES! HIGH SCORE!" Jake responded as he just obtained the high score on their game: Blitz of Eternity. "OK, lay it on me man. Can't be worse than the Lich." "Yeah, that was freaky. Well babies come from *leans in to Finn's ear and tell him" "Oh my--" Suddennly, as Finn was about to say God or Glob, a portal opened and a young man with curly bark brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, about 5' 10" and slightly built, flew out and crashed into Finn, Jake, and Beemo. "Ow..." the young man groaned in an oddly child-like voice for an adolescent male, "What in criminey…

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