Who, what, WHEN?

"Hey man, where do babies come from?" Finn asked Jake as they were playing their newest video game. "Well Finn, are you sure you want to know? You might be freaked out or something by it--YES! HIGH SCORE!" Jake responded as he just obtained the high score on their game: Blitz of Eternity. "OK, lay it on me man. Can't be worse than the Lich." "Yeah, that was freaky. Well babies come from *leans in to Finn's ear and tell him" "Oh my--" Suddennly, as Finn was about to say God or Glob, a portal opened and a young man with curly bark brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, about 5' 10" and slightly built, flew out and crashed into Finn, Jake, and Beemo. "Ow..." the young man groaned in an oddly child-like voice for an adolescent male, "What in criminey jim-jam was that? A portal to another... *looks around* ...dimension?" "Who the heck are you?" Finn asked the young man, "What kingdom are you from?" "I'm Jared Kymers, I'm from America, where are Mary, Morgan, Bryant, and Kendra?" the young man stated and asked, "Where am I?" "Hello there. You are in Ooo. Who are those people you were talking about?" Jake responded, "I'm Jake, that guy there is Finn, and the little guy is Beemo. Would you like to meet Princess Bubblegum? Maybe she can help." "Maybe I can get back home from there." About 30 mins later, Finn, Jake, and Jared ran into LSP, "Who's the wierdo with the curly hair?" she asked. "I'm Jared Kymers, and who are you sir?" "I'm a girl! What the lump is wrong with your eye-holes!?" "Sorry miss, you sound like a male. Who might you be." "Dude, this is the Lumpy Space Princess," Jake interupted, "You better show her some respect." "Yeah! Now get on your knees and kiss my feet!" "Nice try Lumpy Space Princess, I'm a distant cousin of the English royalty where I come from. So nice try." Jared replied. "So where are you going anyway?" "Bubblegum's castle. We gotta get this dude back to his home time, world, whatever." "I think it's time. Cos didn't you say you were the last human Finn?" "Yeah. And if you're human, you must be from another time. Possibly universe." "All that Quantum Physics stuff is really confusing," Jared finished as the trio started proceeding to Bubblegum's castle. "Hey Princess Bubblegum. How good are you at time travel and interdimaensional travel?" Finn asked as they reached her science lab. "Actually, it's funny you asked. I've been working on a temporal rupture in the space-time continuum and it seems a portal opened at the tree house. *Grabs odd device* This young man is surging with energy. Tell me sir, what's your name?" "I'm Jared Kymers of Wisconsin, I'm 15 years-old, and I just appeared here an hour ago, I'm looking for a way home." "Well, it seems I made a forward travel, now I just need to figure out the reverse." "Well how do we do that?" Finn asked. "You must gather a fragment of the skull of the Lich, a gallon of blood froma vampire, three true tears of a great warrior, and a fire critter like Flambo." "The Lich was destroyed, Marceline might not give us the blood, where are we gonna get a great warrior, and that would kill the poor little guy, wouldn't it?" "I saved a fragment of his skull, I think Marceline will agree, we have you Finn, and no it wouldn't," Bubblegum responded. "Then our adventure begins!" Jared stated. (End of part 1.)

Fight Through Time

"So where's this Flambo guy live?" Jared asked, "Is he some sort of giant?" "Nah man, he's a little guy, practically harmless," Jake responded, "He lives in the Fire Kingdom." As the trio got to the jungle, they ran into a trio of villains: a gnarly little gnome, a centaur with wings, and a woman in a long, black dress, a scarlet spider tiara, white high heels, a crimson choker with a ruby, and long, flowing, wavy blonde hair. "Give me your posessions you peasents!" the wamon demanded. "Why miss? We owe you nothing," Jared responded, "Have we upset you in some way?" "I am the princess of evil! Now kneel before me and prepare to die!" the woman replied. "Miss, if you're the princess of evil, I'm afraid I have to fight you," Jared stated as he took a fighting stance, his left fist being drawn back, other hand being right in front of his face, while his left leg is stepped back and other leg being bent to 45 degrees, "You will not be able to escape your fate." "Get ready Jake, these guys look tough," Finn statedas he drew his root sword. "No problem man, this'll take about 20 seconds," Jake said as he turned his hand into a mace. "Attack my minions!" Evil Princess demanded. At thatg moment, the centaur took flight and the gnome started zooming around the area. Jared spun the princess around and pinned her to the ground and she screamed so loud it could be heard all the way in Ice King's castle. Finn somehow caught the gnome and stabbed him into the ground by the hat while Jake just knocked the centaur onto the ground knocking it out. "Now miss, to save yourself time, please surrender so I may return to my own time," Jared requested as he released the young woman. "But I brought you here! You see, if I kill you, my reign will happen faster and all of Ooo will be mine to control! E-AH-HAHAHAHAAA!" the princess screamed, "You, Jared Kymers, were someone who prevented the Mushroom Wars! It turns out, when you died, the wars were sparked and thus chaos was created. In the midst of that chaos, I was born. If I kill you, then you won't be around to prevent my birth the first time the war is threatening to happen." "Well, I guess I won't be dying any time soon," Jared replied as he pinned Evil Princess to a tree, "Finn, Jake, take a rope and tie her to this tree. I'll keep her pinned." Just then, the young woman kneed her pinner down below and the young man groaned in pain and for some odd reason, kissed the princess. "What was that for?" "I guessed if I'm gonna die in this place, I may as well kiss one last pretty girl," Jared stated calmly. (too be continued...)