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  • Hepheastus

    What Lies Beneath

    March 13, 2013 by Hepheastus

    Hepheastus panicked as Kynara fell to the ground, yelling at her to wake up, fearing the worst, but when he took a closer look, she was still alive but unconcious. He got up and a rumble hit the ground.

    Hepheastus: I should get out of here before anything else happens. I should have never done this. I put her in danger.

    He grabbed her and hoisted her on his shoulder and quickly walked towards the edge of the stone hill. Another rumble, but this time, he heard the ground cracking.

    Hepheastus: By the gods, I might have to take care of this.

    Hepheastus unsheathed his sword and readied it as the rumble ripped a hole at the top of the hill. A large metallic sphere rose from it. A window on the sphere opened and revealed a robotic eye. It looked at …

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  • Hepheastus


    March 7, 2013 by Hepheastus

    It was morning and Hestus awoke from his slumber. He went outside to bask in the sunlight of Falacrine as his mother, who lived across the road, came over and greeted him.

    Aurelia: Hello son, it seems as if the gods have blessed us on this fine, beautiful day hmm?

    Hestus: Indeed mother, but the very nature of this place does not heed such brilliance, so beware of bad omens lest you become akin to the warriors of Carthage.

    Aurelia: Ha! I'd not see the day I'm cast into Hades with those unsavory imbeciles! We Romans are the children of the gods! But nevertheless, what have you?

    Hestus: Oh, I just awoke from my slumber.

    Aurelia: Off to work are we? How is your coin love?

    Hestus: Fine, I'm leaving for the shop right now. You know of these accursed t…

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  • Hepheastus

    Material Things

    February 13, 2013 by Hepheastus

    Hepheastus: ........She's nearby

    Hepheastus quickly looked around and scanned the area. All of the places in the area were goblin houses.

    Hepheastus: But, she can't be a goblin can she? Surely she has to be as she was before, or something akin to her.

    Hepheastus then looked behind him. It was a bar. He slowly opened the door to check inside. All of a sudden everyone turned to him, and those who weren't goblins refrained from fearful expressions. He entered and everyone had gone about their buisness. He took a seat upon a barstool

    Barman: What will you have big guy?

    Hepheastus: I am not in need of water or anything akin to that. It might be an odd question, but do you have anything that would quench someone from the fire kingdom? That seems the …

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  • Hepheastus

    Olympus Letum

    February 6, 2013 by Hepheastus

    It was a few weeks after Hepheastus had encountered Octavian in the alternate universe and Hepheastus had quietly sat unresponsive in his throne as daylight was a mere couple of hours away. His goblin servant had awoke early that morning and was walking through the throne room.

    Goblin: Oh good, master is getting some rest.

    Hepheastus: What was that squire?

    Goblin: (startled) Oh, most apologies master Hepheastus, but I was merely remarking on the illusion that you may have been sleeping.

    Hepheastus: Haha, I've no need for such mortal tasks. What need you?

    Goblin: Oh nothing, I awoke and felt parched so I am just walking over to get something to drink.

    Hepheastus: Very well squire, continue on.

    The goblin had continued on to the Grand Kitchen and w…

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  • Hepheastus

    Kingdom Come

    November 21, 2012 by Hepheastus

    It was morning, as Hepheastus had awoken from a long night of searching for spells to break the fire curse on his armor. Hepheastus continued to walk over to the balcony hanging from his castle and watch the sun rise into existence above the great valley.

    Hepheastus: Ahh, what a great sight is this, to no longer diverge into a kingdom of similar subjects. *Clenches his fist* A dark unified army, ready to crumble our enemies with a tide of destruction. Who else could accomplish as I have?

    Hepheastus sat there for minutes, looking in awe at what he had already accomplished in a mere matter of days. But just then, there was a blackness overwhelming the bottom of the rising sun in the distance, and it was slowly sweeping towards the valley. Just…

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