Hepheastus had been residing within his palace. Although he had proved himself many times, he had only recently claimed the last sector of the Valley of Ordichon. With much of his strength, he had forced much of his magic power into a stone that had formed a barrier over the kingdom. But he had still felt insecure, because his mere skin was not enough to protect him. He thought to himself,

Hepheastus: Maybe if I search around a bit I can find something that suits me.

He had put on a robe and hood and left the Palace and the Valley in the care of those he had spared in the quest to capture it and ventured on towards other kingdoms. When he reached the Goblin Kingdom, he had hailed a carriage to carry him around from place to place, and had continued through the surrounding forests in search of magical armor. It had reached sunset and his search was unsuccessful, he had become frustrated and stomped the ground in a rage.

Hepheastus: Stop right here and turn around, I don't think this is going to work the way I expected.

Goblin: But we must continue sir! It is almost night and we have not yet reached the checkpoint.

Hepheatus: Don't test me goblin, I am not hesitant to destroy your carriage and make you walk back to the Goblin Kingdom

Just then, a rustlle in the bushes had disrupted their conversation.

Goblin: What was that?!

Hepheastus: It's probably nothing, now continue on before I knock you into oblivion.

Just then a theif had sprung from the bushes.

Theif: Hepheastus, I know it is you! Reveal yourself and fight me!

Hepheastus: Be mindful, I have no time for mere squabble. Leave now, or feel my wrath young warrior.

Theif: I have come to take what is rightfully mine! Your head much value in the kingdoms you stole from!

Hepheastus: Very well (Pulls out his sword) fight me and we shall see what becomes of you, brave fool.

Theif: (Charges at Hepheastus and screams)

Hepheastus: (Points hand at Theif; hand glows with magic aura) Levitrus!

Theif: (Levitates in air) W-w-wait! What the-! On second thought, I'd like to reconsider, please don't do anything drastic!

Hepheastus: I'll let you go, on the terms that you warn your fellow thieves of my wrath before they attack me, and that you hand over what you have stolen from passersby to me.

Theif: Never!

Hepheastus: Very well, then. You're going to live as a statue for 2 weeks. (Points at theif again with magic aura)

Theif: Wait...what?

Hepheastus: Petrifica!

Theif: (Freezes in place)

Hepheastus then takes his enemy, and with his great strength, he casts him off into the distance. Hepheastus returns to the carriage, only to find that the goblin had left during the confrontation

Hepheastus: Curses!

Hepheastus had raised his fist in anger at the fact that he had been stranded in the forest. But as his hand was raised had notced a cold breeze coming from the east. He looked towards the direction and had noticed glaciers nearby.

Hepheastus: That must be the Ice Kingdom, but if that is true then that idiot the Ice King must be there. Very well.

Hepheastus then continued towards the Ice Kingdom. He walked past a group penguins and realized that he must be near the Ice King's lair. As he reached a giant wall of ice, he shivered as it reminded him of his former prison on the moon. He then continued to knock on the wall. It had seemed to be hollow to him.

Hepheastus: This must be it then.

He raised his fist, and with all his strength, he punched the wall and growled with frustation, he raised his fist again, and punched the wall. Merely a crack was seen. He then stepped back several feet and proceeded to charge at the wall. He broke into the Ice King's lair. But to his suprise, the Ice King was not present. He noticed Ice Kings computer was left on and that there was an exo-suit split in half and lying on the floor. He then examined the suit.

Hepheastus: Blastronaut? Hmm...

He then grabbed the suit and left the lair, walking for miles before he could reach the Goblin Kingdom again. He entered a shop that he had recently gone to in his search for magic armor and asked the owner about the armor

Hepheastus: Goblin.

Shop Owner: Yes?

Hepheastus: (Put's exo-suit on counter) I need to know where I can get this fixed.

Shop Owner: (Examines) Oh yes, this is quite the item here, this belonged to the hitman hitman, Blastronaut.

Hepheastus: Yes. But I need to know how to make it so that I can use it.

Shop Owner: Well, it would seem as if it was cut in half by someone, but I'm not quite sure how to approach this, this technology can't be fixed, but I can hollow it out for you and put it together.

Hepheastus: Very well.

The shop owner takes the suit into his workspace whilst Hepheastus sits patiently, he falls asleep and 4 hours later he is woken up by the shop owner.

Shop Owner: Me and my assistant have finished the work on the exosuit.

Hepheastus: Ahh, very good, very good.

Assistant: Here you go, it's quite a burden because we replaced some of the more lightweight technological parts and replaced them with metal.

Hepheastus: Thank you goblin. Shopkeeper, do you have any idea where I can get this enchanted?

Shop Owner: Not that I know of, as far as I know there is no shop like that within the Goblin Kingdom. Or anywhere in this part of Ooo for that matter.

Assistant: What about the Fire Kingdom?

Shop Owner: Well...there is...Octavian

Just then Hepheastus gasped as he was experiencing a flashback. Octavian and Hepheastus were once friends around 2 centuries before. They were both generals within the Warrior Kingdom's army, but during a confrontation with the Flame Count's army, Octavian had betrayed Hepheastus because he had been bribed by the Flame Count in exchange for the Flame Count's knowledge of wizardry. The Warrior King had blamed the loss on Hepheastus and banished Hepheastus to the far reaches of Ooo for many years, only for Hepheastus to rise up and take over his very own land many years later.

Shop Owner: Hello? Sir? Is there anything....?

Hepheastus: No, it's nothing, I'll be heading towards the Fire Kingdom now. (Leaves)

Hepheastus took the new exo-suit and head had headed towards the Fire Kingdom in the search for Octavian. He had cast a protection spell on himself and continued through the land. After asking many of the residents about Octavian's location, he discovered a small castle within the kingdom. He entered and yelled for Octavian.

Hepheastus: Octavian! I have come for you!

Octavian had been sitting on a small throne with a desk in front of him reading ancient scriptures.

Octavian: Ahhh, Hepheastus, it's you, I knew this day would come. Come to kill me have you?

Hepheastus: No. It's nothing about that. You know I am good friends with the Flame King, I'm aware that after your betrayal you were declared royalty by the Count. I have no buisness getting in trouble with the rest of the kingdom.

Octavian: If you have not come to kill me then what are you here for?

Hepheastus: I just want you to enchant this suit I found in the Ice King's lair, the most of the technology wasn't functional after it was split in half, but I managed to get some of the parts replaced, I just need you to make it so that I can use it, it's burdened by some of the metals used to replace it and make it almost impenetrable, I just need you to make it so that I can use it properly, it's very heavy and I don't think I'll be able to move like I should without an enchantment.

Octavian: Very well, put on the suit and stand still.

Hepheastus proceeded to follow Octavian's instructions. Octavian grabbed his spell book. He then raised his hand and started to blast fire at Hepheastus as he was enchanting his armor. As Octavian was firing his spell, it started to burn Hepheastus.

Hepheastus: Octavian! This is starting to hurt! Are you sure you're using the right spell!?!

Octavian: Sorry Hepheastus! But I'm sealing you in the armor! I know you're going to kill me as soon as I'm done enchanting the armor! You won't be using any of your powers anymore!

Hepheastus: You FOOL! We had an agreement! I'll KILL YOU!

Hepheastus then broke free of Octavians hold and charged at him.

Octavian: Not so fast!

Octavian then cast a spell that opened a strong portal. Hepheastus was being sucked in and tried to escape the portals hold but couldn't hold on long enough for the spell to past. He was dropped dozens of feet above the desert and hit the ground. Hepheastus passed out. He then woke up several hours later and panicked. He tried with all his strength to rip the exo-suit apart, but it was no use. Octavian's enchantment was too strong. Hepheastus fell on his knees, held his fists toward the sky and yelled.