It was morning, as Hepheastus had awoken from a long night of searching for spells to break the fire curse on his armor. Hepheastus continued to walk over to the balcony hanging from his castle and watch the sun rise into existence above the great valley.

Hepheastus: Ahh, what a great sight is this, to no longer diverge into a kingdom of similar subjects. *Clenches his fist* A dark unified army, ready to crumble our enemies with a tide of destruction. Who else could accomplish as I have?

Hepheastus sat there for minutes, looking in awe at what he had already accomplished in a mere matter of days. But just then, there was a blackness overwhelming the bottom of the rising sun in the distance, and it was slowly sweeping towards the valley. Just then Hepheastus called one of his servants.

Goblin Servant: Yes sire?

Hepheastus: Squire, what is that coming in the distance?

Goblin Servant: I don't know sire. We haven't heard any warning signs from any other kingdoms or villages. Some of our lookouts a couple miles away haven't said anything either. It's completely silent.

Hepheastus: What if it is some sort of suprise attack? Ready the soldiers squire, we may be in danger.

The Goblin had proceeded to go up into a large old tower and ring a bell to warn the kingdom. The soldiers quickly rose out of their placements and took position in front of the very edge of the kingdom. Hepheastus watched carefully as the blackness grew closer to the kingdom, and as it grew closer, he had observed it to be an ominous black cloud. But then, he saw a little pink spot running in the distance. It swept past the guards and was headed towards Hepheastus. It revealed to be a tall gumdrop, most likely from the Candy Kingdom. The gumdrop then screamed:

Gumdrop: Hepheastus, Hepheastus, I must speak to you urgently!

As he then stood below Hepheastus' balcony he answered him.

Hepheastus: What is the meaning of this madness young candy subject?

Gumdrop: I must warn you Hepheastus, this thing is not something you can fight. It kills everything. I woke up this morning and the blackness had stood at the edge of my room, I had to jump out of my window and I barely picked up enough speed to escape it.

Hepheastus: And what leads you to believe that?

Gumdrop: I was very close to the edge of the cloud. I heard horrible screaming. Screams of anguish and death. You must hurry and warn your kingdom.

Hepheastus had slowly realized how much danger the kingdom was in and then screamed out to the kingdom.


Just then, his subjects and servants had risen out of their houses and ran quickly out of the kingdom, away from the black clouds. As he looked back, he saw his message had not reached the soldiers, as they had kept their position. The black cloud had slowly began to engulf the army. Some ran, but others stood still, most likely in shock of the screams of terror of their comrades. Hepheastus quickly took action. He drew his sword and ran towards the black clouds, and as he pushed through it, he saw a horrible sight. His soldiers had petrified into mere statues, and the trees had wilted and turned black. Just then, a voice echoed.

Voice: I wish for the extinction of all life

Hepheastus of course did not die, for he was immortal, just as few in Ooo were. Death rose from the distance and approached Hepheastus.

Death: Busy day huh Heph?

Hepheastus: What just became of Ooo?

Death: Oh, The Lich tricked some kid into turning the Enchiridion into a portal to Prismo's dimension, and then he wished for the extinction of all life. So this thing is killing everybody.

Hepheastus: So how do we stop it?

Death: We don't. We wait for the wish to backfire.

Hepheastus: I am an impatient man Death...

Death: Aren't we all?

And as Death said that, he slowly backed away and faded away into the distance. But just as Hepheastus was looking in that direction, a light had flashed and blinded Hepheastus

Another Voice: I wish that The Lich never even existed.

Just then he woke up again, lying on a pile of hay. He looked at his arms. He was wearing gauntlets.

Hepheastus: Am I.......?

He took off the gauntlet, and it revealed his hand.

Hepheastus shouted with victory:

Hepheastus: I'm free from that prison! AHAHAHAHAHA. Brilliant!

He put the gauntlet back on and thrust his hand forward, which shot out a beam of energy and blew a piece of the roof off of the barn he was in. He laughed excitingly as he was continuously firing at the rooftop. Just then, a child pushed the barn door open.

Human Child: Sir Hepheastus! Sir Hepheastus!

Hepheastus: I have not seen one of you in a while.

Human Child: What?

Hepheastus: Haha, never you mind child. What do you plea for?

Human Child: The Destiny Gang is going on a rampage! They just sacked an entire village yesterday! I tried to warn the town but nobody would listen to my warnings!

Hepheastus: What is this "Destiny Gang" child? Have they my strength and courage? Have they my sword and my powers and my might?

Human Child: It's this group of misfits that messes people up until they give them money! They have fire!

Hepheastus: Fire? Haha, worry not young nave, I have dealt with dragons and ogres. A few puny teenagers is nothing to worry for.

Human Child: You have told our little village so many stories of Adventure Sir Hepheastus. I wish I could be like you one day. Mom and Dad say you're crazy, and none of these monsters ever existed. But I've seen your magic Sir Hepheastus. I believe you.

Hepheastus: Live up to your dreams young one. Maybe one day, you could be as majestic and poweful as I, you just have to believe!

Human Child: I will Sir, believe me, I will. Good morrow.

Hepheastus: Good morrow child. And you come and tell me if theres any buisness with this "Destiny Gang"

The Child then left the barn, and Hepheastus packed his sword and shield on his back. He went towards a nearby lake and observed a knight in his reflection.

Hepheastus: So this is my occupation in this strange world? It's quite fitting.

Just then a band of knights on horses rode in from afar and approached Hepheastus.

Knight 1: Well would you look at that! The brave Black Knight consorting with nature!

Hepheastus: What?

Knight 2: You look at us like strangers Sir Hepheastus! Aren't you coming along?

Hepheastus: Oh, well yes. Umm, how am I supposed to join you Sir.....

Knight 2: Sir Robinson. Have you taken a club to the head? Need we introduce ourselves again?

Hepheastus: Most likely. And yes, that would be quite fitting, I am having quite the strange day.

Sir Robinson: Very well then! Sir Knights?

Knight 1: I am Sir George of Bradfellow

Knight 3: I am Sir Franklin of Bradfellow

Knight 4: I am Sir Francis of Bradfellow

Knight 5: And I am the White Knight, Sir Louis of Bradfellow

Hepheastus: Bradfellow?

Sir Franklin: Yes! Bradfellow! Our town, Sir Hepheastus! Be you an imposter or something of the sort? Haha.

Sir Francis: Grab your horse Sir Hepheastus! We have a quest to attend to!

Hepheastus: Uhh....

Sir George: Over there on the stable, what is wrong with you today?

Hepheastus: Nothing, just quite the loss of memory I suppose, haha, but let's continue shall we?

Hepheastus grabbed his horse and continued on the road with the band of knights.

Hepheastus: So what are we going to accomplish this beautiful evening Sir Louis?

Sir Louis: You would have to excuse me Sir Hepheastus, for I have not any idea as you have, and it be best you identify me by my real name, for I am not of this place. My real name is Octavian.

Hepheastus grew angry at that moment, but realized that this Octavian had nothing to do with Hepheastus' imprisonment, for he was of a different time and place and had no memory of such things happening between them.

Hepheastus: Very well Octavian. What are we on a quest for Sir Robinson?

Sir Robinson: There is a great beast made of steel residing within a plain. It consumes whatever goes near it. We figured your great knowledge of the old magic arts could keep this beast from consuming anymore passersby. We also heard from some insane old woman that these beasts of steel destroy entire countries once provoked, so it would be best not to kill it!

Hepheastus: Wait, from the Mushroom War?

Sir Robinson: What?

Hepheastus: Nevermind! I think I have an idea!

Sir Robinson: Very well! We will talk about it when we get there!

As they rode towards the plains Hepheastus recognized it clearly. A mushroom bomb sticking out of the ground. Hepheastus realized that it must have been frozen in place right before it had exploded, but the impact left a pothole in the ground, which must have been taking people into the deep hole once they stepped too close.

Hepheastus: I think it's best we leave this alone Sir Robinson. We could end up causing more damage than it would leaving it there.

Sir Robinson: Nonsense! We shall close up the hole so it can threaten the people no more! Then we can return safely to our town.

Hepheastus: Very well then. I will use my magic to do so.

They rode closer to the bomb until they were only a few feet from the pothole. Then, Hepheastus put out his hands and started firing a petrification spell on the empty spaces next to the bomb, but then, another beam of energy shot out from behind him. They were coming from Octavian.

Hepheastus: So you know of the magical arts as well?

Octavian: Suprisingly yes, but lets continue finishing up that pothole.

They spent a couple of minutes covering up a fraction of the hole. Octavian started laughing maniacally. Afterwards the beam turned a deep red and he started directing it towards Hepheastus. Hepheastus quickly drew his sword and started deflecting the magic energy.

Hepheastus: I knew there was something ominous about you, Octavian, you fool!

Octavian: You should have attacked me from the moment I told you I was Octavian, but no. You'll always be a slow unwitty buffoon.

The knights quickly tackled Octavian and as he fell over, the beam shooting from him struck Hepheastus' upper torso, which launched him against the bomb. The ground under the bomb crumbled, and the bomb fell deeper into the hole. After a couple of seconds, it hit the bottom of the hole and explodes, shooting a beam of green energy and smoke upwards.

Hepheastus: Octavian! Look at what you've done!

Octavian shot a beam of energy and blasted all of the knights off of him.

Hepheastus: Sir Robinson, take the other knights and go take care of the citizens of Bradfellow! I'll take care of Ocavian!

Sir Robinson: Very well then! Kill the traitor Hepheastus! We shall see you soon!

Just then Octavian was about to shoot another beam of energy at Hepheastus.

Hepheastus: Fight like a true warrior you coward! Draw your sword and shield!

Octavian: Hahahahahaha, alright then. Time to die Hepheastus.

They both drew their swords and shields and charged at each other. As they both swung, their swords clashed and shot out a large beam of energy towards the sky. They then started swinging at each other, repeatedly slicing off chainmail and steel with each direct hit and their swords glew with orange and red. Just then, Hepheastus threw his sword down, and tackled Octavian. Octavian dropped his sword as he was being tackled and Hepheastus sat over Octavian, beating him with his gauntlets. Octavian grabbed Hepheastus' fist and launched him towards the pothole. Hepheastus had just landed at the edge. He looked over, and saw an ominous deadly green goo filling the bottom of the hole. Octavian walked over and grabbed Hepheastus by the neck and placed him in the standing up position. Octavian charged his magic and put his hand up toward Hepheastus' helmet.

Octavian: Say hello to Zeus for me.

But then Hepheastus grabbed Octavians hand and pushed it towards the sky, and as it shot up, it seemed to have torn an entire hole through the moon. Grasping his hand, he flipped Octavian over and let him drop towards a painful death, and as Octavian hit the bottom and slowly sank into the radioactice concoction, he laughed even more maniacally, until his laughter was drowned by the strange deadly liquid. As his hand was still sticking out, it waved goodbye to Hepheastus until it sunk entirely. And a couple minutes after he sunk entirely, a great red beam shone out of the hole, signifying Octavians end.

Hepheastus grabbed his horse rode towards Bradfellow, only to see yet another Mushroom Bomb explosion rising in the distance. The whole town was destroyed. Leaving behind a few icicles and yet another lake of green liquid and dry dark plains. Just then a great monster rose from the distance, and an ice wizard boy was fighting it off with ice powers. The creature seemed half Lich and half of some domesticated animal. The Lich-like creature grasped the boy and threw him towards the ground. Hepheastus charged towards the creature and drew his sword again. The creature saw hepheastus and charged at Hepheastus as well, but as the creature grew closer. Hepheastus jumped off of the horse and stabbed the creature in the skull, releasing a strange light, and as the light started to engulf Hepheastus, another voice appeared.

Voice: I wish The Lich's wish was for me and Finn to go back to Ooo.

And as those words were spoken the white light engulfed the entire land and Hepheastus woke up to his kingdom yet again, having nothing ever have happened in the first place.

Hepheastus rose and spoke.

Hepheastus: Octavian is alive yet again...