Hepheastus: ........She's nearby

Hepheastus quickly looked around and scanned the area. All of the places in the area were goblin houses.

Hepheastus: But, she can't be a goblin can she? Surely she has to be as she was before, or something akin to her.

Hepheastus then looked behind him. It was a bar. He slowly opened the door to check inside. All of a sudden everyone turned to him, and those who weren't goblins refrained from fearful expressions. He entered and everyone had gone about their buisness. He took a seat upon a barstool

Barman: What will you have big guy?

Hepheastus: I am not in need of water or anything akin to that. It might be an odd question, but do you have anything that would quench someone from the fire kingdom? That seems the only thing I can consume lately.

Barman: Actually, we do. We get a couple people from the fire kingdom here every once in a while. We just advise that you don't burn anything, otherwise you'll have trouble from our "friends" here.

Hepheastus: You'll have to excuse me then. I am not of the fire kingdom nave, so I would suggest you.....

Just then they were interrupted by a woman's voice.

Woman: Would you two idiots shut up? I'm trying to ease a headache right now. It'd be nice if i could get some peace and quiet.

Hepheastus turned his head. She appeared to be some sort of humanoid-Fire Elemental. She was burning bright blue and had a blue face mask on. She had seem to be much more different from other Fire Elementals in appearance. Hepheastus spoke to her.

Hepheastus: Excuse me, blue woman, do you recognize the name "Azadeh"?

Woman: What? What are you talking about?

Hepheastus: Please, please tell me you haven't forgotten. 

Woman: Look, dude, I have no single idea what in gob's name you're talking about.

The girl then looked at her watch.

Woman: Oh great, now look at what you've done. I was supposed to leave 5 minutes ago. Look I'm sorry about this "Azada" or what ever you're blabbing about but I really have to go. NOW.

Just as she was about to leave Hepheastus reached out his hand and spoke.

Hepheastus: Wait! Please! I need to know!

Woman: Ugh, I don't have time for this.

Just then, Hepheastus tripped and accidentaly grabbed her ankle just as she was about to leave through the door.

Woman: Ohoho. I see how it is. You're going to persist eh? Let's see about that jerk.

She pointed her hands to the ground and used her flame powers to blast out of the roof of the bar, with Hepheastus still holding on.

Barman: Hey lady, you're paying for that!

Woman: I'm sorry, but I'm in a rush, I'll come back and pay you later-- Huh?

She then noticed Hepheastus was still holding on.

Woman: What? How- No matter. I'll shake you off and you'll fall to death. Simple as that buddy.

Hepheastus: You would let me die for an appointment?

Woman: I don't have time for this. You obviously can't see how urgent I am right now.

She started flying in spirals, trying to shake off Hepheastus.

Hepheastus: You don't have even a minute?

The woman then layed silent for a second and thought. She stopped. 

Woman: Ugh, alright then, what do you want? You have a few minutes.

Hepheastus let go and with his powers he stopped and hovered in front of the woman.

Woman: What? You can...?

Hepheastus: Yes. But there's something I have to get you to remember, if you truly are who you think you are. Here, let me try to dig deep into my memories...

Hepheastus then dug deep, and deeper into his memories to search for mental images. After a brief time he spoke.

Hepheastus: Finally.

Woman: Finally what?

Just then the technology from Hepheastus' suit was powerful enough to project the image into a hologram and his helmet shot it into the air. It showed a human girl in white robes smiling at Hepheastus, through his eyes.

Hepheastus: Do you recognize this? This is Azadeh, a human girl. She was Roman, and so was I.

She had some distinct features of the woman, including the way she liked to have her hair. It took a few seconds, but she realized this and as soon as she did, her eyes lit up and her jaw dropped.

Woman: But...Is that....Me? How? I don't understand? Somethings....coming back to me....

She put her hand over her head and a couple of seconds later Hepheastus' suit started to malfunction.

Hepheastus: By the gods, I'm using too much power!

The hologram faded, signaling the suits malfunction and as that happened one of Hepheastus' foot rockets malfunctioned and he started to plummet to the ground.

Woman: Wait! I need you! I NEED to know more! Oh glob.

She then started up again and shot fast after Hepheastus as he was falling, but she wasn't fast enough. He hit the ground in a grass field on a hill 15 seconds later and passed out. Hepheastus didn't wake up until about 20 minutes later, with the woman still there.

Woman: Oh gob, I thought I had killed you. Why are you still wearing this stupid suit? Take it off....

She then put her hands on Hepheastus' helmet and it started to glow.

Woman: Huh?

The helmet steamed, retracted and rolled off of Hepheastus' head, revealing his face. Hepheastus rubbed his eye with his one available hand.

Hepheastus: By the gods! You did it!

Hepheastus got up and hugged the Woman. She then spoke.

Woman: So you are a Fire Elemental. But you're just like me? I don't understand.

Hepheastus: Fire Elemental? What are you talking about? Do I not still appear human?

Woman: No? Haha, how long have you been in that thing? Have you even seen yourself?

She then grabbed a sharded piece of mirror stuck in the ground, held it up and showed Hepheastus. His skin had turned a deep orange and what used to be his hair, stylized as a mohawk was now entirely flames.

Hepheastus: Octavian's curse must have infected me. This is madness.

Woman: What? How do you know my dad?

Hepheastus: What?

Woman: Octavian, that's my dad's name.

Hepheastus: But....that can't be. That's impossible.

Woman: Octavian. the Grand Wizard from the Flame Kingdom. That. Is. My. Dad.

Hepheastus: But how?

Woman: Well, I was going to be the Flame King's daughter. But my dad created me. The King called me a "failiure" because I'm not actually in the bloodline, and I burn hotter than anyone in the fire kingdom. So I just stayed with him. But he made a bargain with someone in order to have me created. That's where I'm going. To pay a debt he was supposed to fufill.

Hepheastus: I'm going to kill him for all he's done!

Woman: Please, guy, I don't know your name but...

Hepheastus: It's Hepheastus.

Woman: Hepheastus, I'm Kynara...nevermind that. Look, you can't hate my father, he's being possessed by some kind of otherworldly magic. Whatever he did to you, that wasn't him. If you're going to do something, please, free him. He doesn't deserve to suffer.

Hepheastus: What? Explain.

Kynara: I don't know. He went somewhere. He said he had something he owed someone something. When he came back, he was mad, so I left the kingdom, I was too afraid to confront him. Now please, you have something to show me. Please. I want to know more.

Hepheastus: Very well then. Luckily enough, I believe we're nearby. Come with me.

Hepheastus started walking towards an old, black stone hill and grabbed Kynaras hand as she followed.

Kynara: Where are we going?

Hepheastus: You'll see soon enough. After a while they finally reached the top and a giant stone sticking out of the mountain revealed itself. They both stood and Hepheastus spoke.

Hepheastus: If you truly wish to know about your past, consult this stone. Also, we are already at the top of the mountain Kynara, but I understand if you do not wish to let go of my hand.

Kynara laughed, smiled and let go.

Kynara: Alright then, let's go.

They walked up to the stone.

Hepheastus: This stone has withstood the test of time. It's one of the only places in Ooo of it's kind.

Kynara: What's with all of the hearts they carved on this thing?

Hepheastus: That's not it. Look closer.

She looked at the hearts. On many of them were the carved names of young couples. After a while, she saw her name. it read "Azadeh + Hestus"

Kynara: I understand. So you're Hestus? But why don't you still go by the name?

Hepheastus: Something happened to me, I am no longer permitted to speak the name. It is impossible for me. So I simply chose the closest thing I could think of.

Kynara: Oh gob, I understand now. It's all slowly coming back. Oh Hepheastus!

She started to cry and she hugged Hepheastus tightly.

Hepheastus: Don't worry, I promised I'd find you no matter what, didn't I?

Just then, a large memory overwhelmed Kynara and she passed out.

Hepheastus: Kynara? Kynara!