As Hepheastus was cursing Octavian with his powerful scream, he then realized that he was in the middle of nowhere. The suit that Hepheastus had been sealed in would protect him from the heat, but he still had much to worry about. Without his powers, all Hepheastus could rely on was his strength, and even then, only one of his hands was able to grasp objects. The other had been replaced by the contraption on Blastronaut's left hand. Within the contraption, Hepheastus felt a trigger, he pulled it and out of Hepheastus' new device came a great flame. Hepheastus thought to himself.

Hepheastus: It would seem as if the powers of the suit had coverted to that of a Fire Elemental due to Octavian's enchantment. Interesting.

Hepheastus wished to destroy Octavian after what he had done, but at the moment, this was the least of his worries. The dangers of the desert still lurked within the abyss of heat and sand. Hepheastus had walked many miles without any sign of civilization, he had become exhausted and decided to sit near a group of pillars and think about what to do next. He became frustrated and struck one of the pillars with his fist. It fell over and created a great rumble. After that, the nature of the desert had become quiet. Many of the bugs had stopped making sounds. But then, another rumble began, and Hepheastus almost fell over. It stopped. And then an enormous creature broke the sand and roared. Hepheastus stood his ground and readied for battle, but then as the creature moved from the sunlight, it revealed to be a black Giant Serpent. The Giant Serpent then spoke.


Hepheastus: I mean no harm beast! It is not of my buisness to wake you, I knocked over this pillar in my anger, I did not mean to wake you from your rest!

Serpent: (Examines Hepheastus) You smell of charred coal great warrior. Do you perhaps hail from the Fire Kingdom?

Hepheastus: No, I hail from the Sapphire Palace in the Valley of Ordichon. In the search of protection of my self, I found this suit and had it fixed, but to my misfortune, it was not fully functional, so I went to the Grand Wizard of the Fire Kingdom, only to be betrayed by him, sealed in this suit and cast into this desert.

Serpent: I see, so you too suffer from the trickery of the fool Octavian.

Hepheastus: You have been betrayed by him?

Serpent: Indeed, I am the former Grand Wizard of the Fire Kingdom. My name was Infernus and I had lived many years working for the Royal family. I had even given life to a great fire that created the Count's son, the current Flame King. It was around the time of the Great War between the Fire Kingdom and the Warrior Kingdom that I had recieved Octavian as an apprentice in wizardry, he was a former General in the other Kingdom that had betrayed them in the time of war, which in turn caused us to win the war.

Hepheastus: Yes, I know, I was one of the Warrior Kingdom's Generals and I had been banished because of Octavian's betrayal.

Serpent: Ahh, I see, you seem very forgiving to go to Octavian's castle without attempting to kill him.

Hepheastus: Yes, I was very foolish to think that Octavian had changed, but continue with your story, I'm quite interested.

Serpent: Yes, anyway, I was the one appointed to teaching Octavian about Wizardry. I had been teaching him for many years, and we had much fun together, but as his power grew, it corrupted him. He was like a younger brother to me, I even used my magic to partially transform him into a Fire Elemental like myself. But I could see the darkness in his soul, he wanted all of the power to himself. A couple years before he was finished with his teaching, he had become mischeivous with his powers. He would use his powers to cause many rivialries within the Fire Court, but I was too fond of him to enforce great punishment, I simply banished him to his room for a day or two, and then threatened to do something even more drastic. But one night, it would seem it had gone too far. He had snuck out one night to fool servants into assasinating the Count. But I caught him in the act, and trapped him within a shield spell. I had freed him and he never caused any mischief after that, but little did I know that was not the end of it. One night he snuck into my room and stole my spellbook, but when I woke up, it was too late, he had been chanting a spell that would transform me into a small Serpent. He then cast me into the desert, but I grew much larger since then and lie here in wait for my chance at revenge. I am aware that since then Octavian has become the Grand Wizard, but nevermind that. It would seem that you, Hepheastus, are the pinnacle of revenge I have been looking for. It also seems you have noticed that this desert is quite large. You need not walk any farther, it will take you days to fully traverse this place. Hop in my mouth, I will take you to where I currently reside.

Hepheastus then proceeded to heed the Great Serpent's advice and jump in his mouth. The Serpent then dove into the ground and traversed through the sand.

Serpent: By the way, since my banishment, I have decided not to go by the name Infernus, I am no longer a Fire Elemental, but due to my black color, I have decided to go by the name Obsidious.

Hepheastus: Very well, Obsidius!

Several minutes later, they had reached their destination. Obsidius had stopped and let Hepheastus out. Hepheastus marvelled at what appeared to be a lost city.

Obsidius: Welcome Hepheastus! Welcome to Paradise!

Hepheastus: What is this place?

Obsidius: This is Paradise, a place where banished people went to live in harmony with each other. Many of their offspring still reside here. No kingdoms, just cooperation. Don't worry, you won't be staying here, there is a pathway you must take in order to get back to Ooo, I cannot stay here for long, some of the villagers here fear me because of my great size, just head west until you see the large golem, and tell him Obsidius sent you. Oh, and take this, this will help you along your journey.

Obsidius then coughed up a sword enchanted by a blue fire and gave it to Hepheastus.

Hepheastus: Thank you for your help!

Obsidius: Remember to defeat Octavian for me! Good luck in your journey great warrior!

Hepheastus then holstered his sword within a compartment on his suit and continued forward. He then continued to walk west. The villagers of Paradise had a great variety, there. There were Goblins, Fire Elementals, Candy People, Nut People and others. They marveled at the sight of Hepheastus, for they had not seen a warrior pass before them in their lifetime. Later, Hepheastus had finally reached his destination, and before him stood an enormous Stone Golem protecting a great doorway.

Golem: Who goes there?

Hepheastus: It is me! The warrior Hepheastus!

Golem: And on what grounds do you recieve the right to pass through warrior Hepheastus?

Hepheastus: I come in the name of the former Grand Wizard of the Fire Kingdom, Obsidious!

Golem: Obsidious? Very well, you may pass through warrior, but only because I am long time friends with him. Where do you wish to travel warrior Hepheastus?

Hepheastus: The Sapphire Palace in the Valley of Ordichon.

Golem: Very well warrior Hepheastus

The Stone Golem then turned around and waved his hand around the portal, changing the location to the Valley of Ordichon. Hepheastus then said goodbye to the Golem and passed through the portal. He then arrived in the Palace Dining Hall. He went to his throne only to be interrupted by oe of his Goblin servants.

Goblin: Sir, where have you been? Our humble location has been attacked by the Undead Army, they are almost through the shields!

Hepheastus: What!?

Hepheastus then went outside to discover that a small nearby Undead Kingdom had been trying to surpass the shields and take over the land. He then ran to discover that some of the Undead Soldiers had actually broken through the barrier. Hepheastus then went into action. He sliced, smashed and burned through crowds of skeletons until he reached the General and pointed his sword at him

Hepheastus: I thought we were at an armistice! What buisness do you have here?

General: We have seen the travesties you commited! One of your Flame servants was seen burning the village and then left.

Hepheastus: What are you talking about? I have no....wait..Flame servant?

General: Yes, he was burning many of our crops and houses, and the Fire Kingdom is far from here, so we only assumed that he worked for you.

Hepheastus: Leave now, before I am forced to destroy your entire army. It was the work of the Wizard Octavian. We will settle this later, but from the smoke, it would seem that you were reluctant to put out the fires. Leave now, protect your city, and we will settle this later. I have to return to my Palace to discuss this.

General: Very well, but if anything else happens, we will have to go to the Council of Kingdoms to raise an army against you.

The General then left to the village to report to his king and attempt to put out the fires and Hepheastus returned to the palace to discuss the issue with his servants.

Goblin: What happened master?

Hepheastus: It is the work of Octavian, these issues will continue if we do not stop him.

Demon: And how do you suggest that we stop him?

Hepheastus: I don't know, but every Kingdom in Ooo will look to destroy us, even the Fire Kingdom, in which Octavian resides.

Vampire: I believe for now, we must protect ourselves, for now, we are safe, Octavian will not be returning for a while.

Hepheastus: True. But for now, we will heed the warnings of the Undead Village. You may have noticed that I have been sealed in this suit. It too is the work of Octavian

Skeleton: But if even you cannot defeat him, then who will?

Hepheastus: I don't know, but we will need more brave warriors like yourselves in order to destroy him. If not, we will need to inform the Council of his danger against Ooo before he turns them against us. We will discuss more of this tommorow, carry on now. I will think about this