It was a few weeks after Hepheastus had encountered Octavian in the alternate universe and Hepheastus had quietly sat unresponsive in his throne as daylight was a mere couple of hours away. His goblin servant had awoke early that morning and was walking through the throne room.

Goblin: Oh good, master is getting some rest.

Hepheastus: What was that squire?

Goblin: (startled) Oh, most apologies master Hepheastus, but I was merely remarking on the illusion that you may have been sleeping.

Hepheastus: Haha, I've no need for such mortal tasks. What need you?

Goblin: Oh nothing, I awoke and felt parched so I am just walking over to get something to drink.

Hepheastus: Very well squire, continue on.

The goblin had continued on to the Grand Kitchen and went to the refridgerator and opened it. The goblin was tired and took a while to realize where the milk was and grabbed it. He then looked around the refridgerator and realized the back was torn off, along with the wall, and to his suprise, a giant eye was looking straight toward him.


Goblin: (Screams and falls back, dropping the milk)

The goblin then ran into the Throne Room.

Goblin: Hepheastus! Monster! Monster!

Hepheastus: Don't worry squire, I heard the beast calling me forth. Go to your room, I'll take care of this (draws sword)

Hepheastus then ran outside onto the balcony and the beast was revealed to be a Stone Giant.

Hepheastus: By Zeus, what is your buisness abomination?

Giant: You dare speak fathers name in such a manner, traitor? I'll kill you where you stand!

The giant raised his stone fist and began to slam it upon the balcony, but before it struck, Hepheastus jumped on the giants hand and continued towards his face. Hepheastus ran and slammed against the giants head, making him tip over and slam against the ground, shaking the whole perimeter. Hepheastus then raised his flamethrower against the beasts face.

Hepheastus: Speak! Or die foul being!

Giant: Hahahaha. I cannot cease foolish one. I am not of this mortal realm.

Hepheastus: Then I will make your time here very painful. You will wish you could die when I am done with you.

Giant: Very well then. I am Petratus, a creation of father Zeus. He asked me to seek you. I merely assumed it was so I could ensure you met your doom, and it would seem you have bested me. Which must mean I am here for other reasons, considered you are much more powerful than I.

Hepheastus: A foolish decision, I was formerly mortal, until "Father" decided to take me away from Rome, but that is no longer an issue I presume. Now what is your quest?

Petratus: I've not the awareness of that, but I assume that Father wishes to speak to you.

Hepheastus: Very well then Petratus, take me to him.

Petratus: As you wish

Hepheastus then hung onto Petratus' shoulder as he rose from the ground and took seat upon it as Petratus was upright.

Hepheastus: So, how exactly are we going to get to Olympus?

Petratus: Nothing difficult, I merely have to find a mountain and we will continue on.

A few minutes later, Petratus pointed out a mountain in the distance and walked towards it.

Petratus: Sit tight, it is very difficult for a demi god such as I to open the rift to Olympus

Petratus then reached the mountain and stood still. He raised his hands and made a great clap. The force of the clap had rippled time itself and the very fabric of the dimension was rippling before them. He then grabbed the ripples and with all his might, tore open a rift to Olympus.

Petratus: Lets continue then, we only have about a minute before it closes.

They traveled through the rift and the magnificent city of gold and diamond was revealed to them floating on an abyss of clouds. The very sky was characterized by bright collosal nebulae.

Petratus then grabbed Hepheastus and set him on the ground.

Petratus: Go about your buisness brother, when you are done with Father's request, seek me and I shall return you to your mortal realm.

Hepheastus: Alright then, return your routine in this acursed realm Petratus. I shall see you soon.

Petratus had walked away as Hepheastus had continued on towards the Gods' residence in a pantheon atop a hill. As Hepheastus was walking through, he had recieved very unsavory glances from the residents of Olympus and a few insults as well. He had finally reached the pantheon and walked towards Zeus' throne, where the god king had sat.

Hepheastus: Your monstorous creations seek me Zeus? Be it a trifle or a favor you seek?

Zeus: Ahh yes, I was wondering when you would be here. I hope Petratus wasn't much trouble.

Hepheastus: Not really, but my citizens will have to do some rebuilding back at the palace. Now, I believe it's explain why I'm here. You've already expelled me from this realm so obviously you need my help with something dire.

Zeus: Exactly. But if you would care to join me and avoid the temptation to try to kill one of us...

Hepheastus: That only happened as far as you are concerned. You pulled me away from my friends, my buisness, the one person I loved. And even though I did so much for all of you, you accused me of these deeds and expelled me into the netherrealm.

Zeus: Let's not get carried away, whatever happened, I don't trust you, but I supposed that doesn't mean you are guilty, but suppose that you are....nevermind, we just need your help Hepheastus, for once. Do it for your family.

Hepheastus: I have no family. Now go on with it.

Zeus: It's my brother. Hades has been stricken with some sort of madness. He attacks everything he sees.

Hepheastus: And what, you expect me to cure it? Do I appear as an apothecary to you?

Zeus: This is the work of dark magic Hepheastus. A man came to him disguised as me and cast something upon him. He is engulfed in anger and simply won't cease to struggle. He couldn't be reasoned with, so we had him restrained in pandora's box.

Hepheastus: Hade's was the only one who believed me, despite his nature. You can count on my assistance. Take me to the box.

Zeus took Hepheastus over to the giant black box in the center of Olympus. He opened the door to the box and revealed Hades restrained by all 4 limbs with chains a few feet above the ground. He was grunting madly and his eyes were glowing red.

Hepheastus: This is the work of no mere mage. This is Octavian's doing.

Zeus: Octavian?

Hepheastus: Yes. A former ally. But no matter. This suit makes me incapable of magic. It too is cursed by Octavian. We will need the heart of a dragon.

Zeus: I can create such a beast, but in order for it to be intact, you must be the one to slay it Hepheastus.

Hepheastus: Very well then. Summon it and I will provide you the heart.

Zeus pointed his hands toward the ground and his godly powers created a bright fiery circle upon the ground, and a great golden dragon arose from the inferno. Hepheastus raised his sword as the dragon roared his fiery breath, attempting to burn Hepheastus. The beast attempted to take flight in the skies of Olympus, and Hepheastus latched onto it's tail. He slowly climbed it's back as it was spiraling, trying to drop Hepheastus to the ground. Hepheastus stabbed the dragon in it's back and the beast crashed into the ground. The dragon bit Hepheastus by the hand and sent him flying many feet away, slamming him into the ground. As the beast was trying to fly again, Hepheastus threw his sword, and it struck the beast directly in it's heart, causing it to fall and decease. Hepheastus then went to collect his sword, and the prize on the end of it. It was pure gold, just as the skin of the dragon appeared. Hepheastus walked over to the box.

Zeus: What are you going to do now?

Hepheastus: I'm going to release him.

Zeus: Are you mad?

Hepheastus: He needs to be on the ground.

Hepheastus took his sword and cut the chains that bound Hades, but Hades reacted quickly and charged at Hepheastus. As Hades was about to strike him, he threw Hades to the ground and restrained him with his appendages.

Hepheastus: Now Zeus! Chain him!

Zeus used his powers again to chain Hades straight to the ground, but Hades was powerful enough to make an attempt to break them, so they hadn't much time to perform the ritual. Hepheastus had drawn a few lines and a circle around Hades and placed the dragons heart at the center. Hepheastus then took his gun and shot flames out at the circle, causing it to engulf the radius, and the dragon heart. After a few seconds, a great fire shot out of Hades, releasing him from the madness.

Hades: By the gods. What hath occured?

Hepheastus: No time to explain, let's get you out of these chains.

But as Hepheastus spoke he heard  a voice in the flames, hovering above Hades.

Octavian: HAAHAAHHA, it worked!

The flame then engulfed Zeus, trapping him in a fireball, which Hepheastus wasn't able to break through.

Hepheastus: Quickly Hades, assist me!

Hades assisted as Hepheastus commanded, as they both attempted to punch through the fire, but it was useless. As the fire went away, it had revealed Zeus, laying upon the ground. As Zeus got up, relief had gone through the two, but as Zeus turned around, it was revealed that he was now possesed by Octavian. He started laughing maniacally and spoke.

Octavian: Hepheastus, now I have the means to end your immortality, HAHAHAHAHA.

But just then, the Petratus' fist slammed down upon the possesed Zeus, attempting to restrain him.

Petratus: You two, GO! NOW!

He had slammed his fist upon the ground of Olympus and opened another rift back to Ooo. He then swept Hades and Hepheastus into the rift, and then the rift closed before them, as they began to fall from the very heavens above Ooo. They slowly drifted apart whilst falling, and hit the ground, hundreds of miles apart. Hepheastus was knocked unconcious as he fell upon a shack within one of the kingdoms. As he woke up several hours later, he got up, and a whole crowd of goblins appeared before him.

Hepheastus: Well? Do I amuse you? Flee! Before I feel the means to destroy you all.

As he said that the crowd was startled and the crowd ran away. As Hepheastus got himself together, he had noticed a light flashing right through his very armor, right from where an amulet of his had resided.

Hepheastus: But it can't be. Now? She's nearby.....