It was morning and Hestus awoke from his slumber. He went outside to bask in the sunlight of Falacrine as his mother, who lived across the road, came over and greeted him.

Aurelia: Hello son, it seems as if the gods have blessed us on this fine, beautiful day hmm?

Hestus: Indeed mother, but the very nature of this place does not heed such brilliance, so beware of bad omens lest you become akin to the warriors of Carthage.

Aurelia: Ha! I'd not see the day I'm cast into Hades with those unsavory imbeciles! We Romans are the children of the gods! But nevertheless, what have you?

Hestus: Oh, I just awoke from my slumber.

Aurelia: Off to work are we? How is your coin love?

Hestus: Fine, I'm leaving for the shop right now. You know of these accursed thieves. I'll have their heads lest they become captive of the Legates.

Aurelia: Now Hestus, you have proven yourself in combat, but do not be so assured that you can slay Cerberus himself. I've still not heard from the Army of what has become of your father since a year before Eileithyia cast you into this world through my body. You've the spirit of Ares himself, but you're just a merchant, do not hasten your trip along Styx.

Hestus: I won't but lest somebody decides to intrude on my sales on a buisness day I won't hesitate to cut off more than a finger.

Aurelia: Haha, alright my son, hurry up and open up shop, I've crops to tend to and I don't want to have to deduct from your pay now son.

Hestus: Worry not, mother. I shall be there at once.

Hestus owned a general store around the center of Falacrine and was neighbored by an Apothecary and a rambling prophet. Buisness was well for him, but as buisness goes, there were many thieves in Falacrine belonging to a guild. Hestus set up shop in the store in the morning and buisness went steady as usual. He sold wheat and other foods, as well as a few small blades to travelers. He was in the middle of cleaning up his shop when the prophet came up to him.

Prophet: Good tidings Hestus, Hermes smiles upon you this day and incites luck upon your funds.

Hestus: Yes, I was hoping the gods would bring me fortune on a fine day such as this. Now what need you? I've customers to tend to. Speak your words.

Prophet: Yes, while Hermes does indeed bring you fortune, there is indeed a disturbance within Olympus. The gods do not smile upon this city on this day, for I believe they are angered, or they sense a dark omen in our presence.

Hestus: Well, there's not much I can do concerning that hmm? If the gods feel our time has come as a town, let it be. I've nothing to do with it.

Prophet: Ahh! But there is Hestus! Old legends of the Greek before us tell of a weapon, crafted by the Smith God Hephaestus himself, that can slay any beast with two swipes across the chest. This very sword, lies within a mountain over there! I can sense it, so as the gods can. Posiedon can feel the energy within the seas and he points the dark energys in that direction. The sword, at the top, was placed within the ground by Spartans, and can only be pulled from the dirt by someone with that of a warriors blood.

The old prophet pointed towards a well known abandoned island close to the shores of Falacrine. It contained a small forest and a large mountain pertruding out of it.

Hestus: But I am not a warrior? I sell blades and meals for the kin of Romulus, I've nothing to do with such madness.

Prophet: But your father was. You've the blood of a warrior Hestus, he served in the army. Ares would surely demand that you do your duty to serve the gods and solve these omens, or risk feeling the wrath of the gods, or whatever tragedy awaits your kin.

Hestus: I'll consider it when the time has come, but for now, I must not waste Hermes' blessing. On to your rambling old one, I've wares to sell.

Hestus continued on to selling and the old prophet went about his buisness in giving the public the warnings of the gods. His girlfriend, Azadeh, was walking buy when she noticed Hestus was open for shop.

Azadeh: Good morning my love. What have the gods bestowed upon you on this fine day?

Hestus: Surely yourself m'lady, but other than my love, someone so akin to Aphrodite herself, I've had good buisness, but that prophet was annoying me earlier about some omen.

Azadeh: Oh dear, my mother said that the animals were acting rather strange today, I do hope that we did not incite the anger of the gods.

Hestus: Surely not so my love, as this is a fine day, but I'm sure whatever is so strange on a day as lovely as this will pass soon. Would you care to join me for feast later my love? My mother is still eager to meet you.

Azadeh: Absolutely Hestus, I shall be honored to, I shall bring my mother as well, so yours does not need bother us while we are together.

Hestus: Hah, a grand idea, I shall see you in the evening my love.

Azadeh: Haha, very well then, goodbye Hestus.

Azadeh left, and Hestus tended to his buisness again. The prophet was correct, as Hestus' buisness had picked up later in the day, and had made alot of coin. Hestus heard a sound within his shop, and when he looked over, he saw a hand with a black glove reaching towards a dagger.

Hestus: Assasin!

He grabbed another dagger and threw it at the man. The man moved from the shadow and began to run.

Hestus: Thief? Very well then.

Hestus secured his shop and began to pursue the Thief on foot, but the Thief had displayed great agility and was hopping on the roofs of the homes in Falacrine.

Hestus: You seemed to have been blessed with the gods with such grace, coward!

Hestus continued to pursue the Thief until they reached the shores of Falacrine. He hit the sand and then he stood beside the shore.

Hestus: Hah! It seems the gods have not blessed you with an escape route. Have at thee! I'll have your head!

But just then, the Thief jumped in the sea and began to swim towards the Island.

Hestus: You persist? Very well then.

Hestus decided to pursue him in his escape towards the island and they had spent about 10 minutes in pursuit until they reached the shores. The Thief got out of the water, and his black robes were drenched, which had slowed him down a bit, but not quite enough. Hepheastus had chased him through the forest and had to traverse a great obstacle of the trees that lay within. He continues the pursuit until he looks away for a second and hits a wall, falling to the ground. He gets up and looks around. The Thief is nowhere to be found. He gets up and the surrounding area reveals that he has reached the side of the mountain. But then he notices something stuck in the side from far away, he travels closer and it reveals to be the handle of a sword, stabbed into the side of the mountain.

Hestus: But I thought it was at the top? Old fool must have had his lore confused. Well, I musn't keep the gods waiting.

He then grabbed the handle of the sword with one hand and tried to pull it. It wouldn't budge. Two hands. It barely moved half an inch and then wouldn't budge more than that. He put his leg on the wall, and with all his might, he made a pull at the sword. It failed. He tried it again, and he yelled. Zeus! Grant me the strength for this task! He tried a third time, it came directly out, leaving a large crack in the side of the mountain. It was made of pure gold, and was as fine as any blade was. Fit for an Emperor himself.

Hestus: Alright, I'll bring this to that old man and if he's just speaking nonsense, this will fetch a very good price otherwise.

He sheathed it and put it on his side. He walked towards the shore to find a boat resting on the side and used it to travel back. As he was rowing himself back, a great rumble shook the earth, and almost cast Hestus into the sea.

Hestus: What was that? 

Hestus had reached the shore and his neighbor, Lucius had greeted him with Hestus.

Lucius: By the gods Hestus, have you returned with news that you have completed the trials of Heracles?

Hestus: What? What do you mean by this?

Lucius: The great disturbance in the land was clearly coming from the Island, but you mysteriously show up on our shores, so I can only assume it is your work. Most apologies. What troubles you?

Hestus: Oh, I was merely thwarted by another one of those Thieves from the guild. Chased him to the Island but I lost him, probably his doing. Not to worry. The gods will not spare him.

Hestus had already spent an our performing the ordeal so he decided to leave the shop closed and go on his date with Azadeh. When he reached his house, their mothers were already inside talking, with Azadeh patiently waiting outside for Hestus' return. Azadeh noticed Hestus and went up to him.

Hestus: Azadeh, I'm-

She put her finger on his mouth to silence him.

Azadeh: Shhhh, quickly, while they're distracted, haha.

Azadeh took Hestus by the hand and led him towards a stone hill. They climbed until they reached the top and Azadeh showed him a huge black stone

Hestus: Haha, why have you brought me here my love?

Azadeh: I don't know, the gods gave me an idea haha.

Azadeh took a dagger from her pocket and tried to carve something into it.

Azadeh: Ugh. Quickly, do you have a strong enough blade?

Hestus: Well, actually, I do. What are you doing?

Azadeh: Hold up, I want us to do this together my love.

Hestus unsheathed the sword and Azadeh grabbed the upper part of the handle and began to carve the shape of a heart onto the stone.

Azadeh: Write your name! Write your name! haha.

Hestus: Alright, but I don't....

He carved his name into the top of the heart and Azadeh took the sword and carved a plus along with her name at the bottom.

Hestus: Haha what is the meaning of this?

Azadeh grabbed Hestus' hand. 

Azadeh: If this symbol withstands the test of time, we shall meet again, should the gods tie our eternity together and we will be forever two, as one.

Hestus: Azadeh, I.....

Azadeh: Shhhh...

Azadeh put her arms around Hestus, and kissed him passionately.

Hestus: Azadeh, I love you.

Azadeh: I love you too, Hestus.

They stood there for a few seconds silently staring at each other. Just then, a great roar broke the silence, as smoke was coming out of the mountain far away.

Hestus: By the gods! Azadeh! Get into the house! 

Azadeh: But Hestus..

Hestus: NOW!

Azadeh ran into Hestus' house and watched as Hestus walked over for a better view. A giant black stone hand breached the smoke and reached out to pull whatever monstrosity was imprisoned out. It reared it's ugly head. A titan was imprisoned with in the mountain. It broke through the side, and lava spilled all over the island, and the titan roared again and pounded it's fists on it's chest. Hestus took the sword with haste and charged towards the shoreline. The titan was crossing the sea towards Falacrine and shook the earth as it walked. He noticed Hestus, raised his foot and slammed it down upon him. He roared in pain. Before Hestus could be killed, he pointed the sword upwards, driving it into the beasts foot and releasing it. He pulled his foot away. He looked down.

Titan: Haha, foolish son of the gods, you dare challenge that which took Zeus years to merely imprison?

Hestus: Join Hades and flood the river Styx with your mass you foul beast!

Titan: Ahh, but I will not be the one joining Hades mortal, but first, you shall become my meal!

He threw Hestus in the air, attempting to catch him in his mouth and swallow him, but right before Hestus would have met his doom, he stabbed it into the nose of the colossus and resisted the wind as the Titan roared in pain yet again.

Titan: You have tried my patience mortal! I will crush you with my hands!

He pulled Hestus off attempting to crush him, but he was met by a projectile from a catapult of the Roman army.

Titan: Haha, foolish mortals, you'll not defeat me with such tactics. I'll crush all of you!

But just then, Hestus stabbed him in the hand with his sword, slid and opened a giant wound across his arm.

Titan: AGHHHHHHHH. HAAHAHA, this hurts me mortal but you are nowhere near killing me, I'll smite-

Hestus, still stuck on the Titans forearm, jumped off and made a slice across his chest, marking the first before his demise.


The Titan reached at Hestus with both of his arms, but Hestus used this to his advantage and jumped on his left hand. When the Titan reached for his other hand with his right, Hestus jumped on it, and made the other cut. The Titan screamed with his last breath and fell backwards into the sea sinking halfway with his legs pertruding out on the beach. Hestus rose out of the water and planted the sword in the sand, to all of Falacrine standing over the slain Titan. They layed silent for a second, and then broke out in cheer for Hestus for completing such a godly deed. Azadeh came out of the crowd and walked towards him

Azadeh: My love! You did it!

As she said that, a great thunder came from the sky and a tear in the fabric of the world revealed a giant hand reaching for Hestus, he tried to escape it but it was too late. He yelled as he was torn away from Azadeh and his relatives and reached out.

Hestus: AZADEH!!!!!!!!

Azadeh: HESTUS!!!!!

In just a moment he reached the sky and the rift closed in front of him. He was placed on the ground in front of the gods of Olympus, with Zeus standing in the front.

Zeus: Welcome, my new son! I deem you HEPHEASTUS, GOD OF MIGHT