so guys its come my time to leave this wiki ive been growing apart from many of you and throughout therapy therapy ive grown a lot and realized this would probably be best for me this place effected my anxiety a lot and i just really thinks its best id still like to keep in contact with a a lot of you and for those i havent personally contacted my skype is rebecca.peason0407 kik is HomeoRomeo snapchat is poolchan steam is armin_alert and tumblr is ive had good times but i think its my time to go i might end up visiting every few months idk yet but i had good times here and met a lot of great people feel free to keep up with me and game and that kind of stuff i'm always open for that plus i can commit to it because i wont have to watch chat haXD but i love all of you guys you were all amazing what i guess in summary bye guys keep in contact with me if you want love you all and tonights my last night