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  • I live in NIGHTOSPHERE
  • My occupation is father, demon, soulsucker, ruler of the Nightosphere
  • I am Male
  • Hunson Abedeer

    ok fisrt of all, what is up with Me-Mow?  I think she should return to Adventure Time in future Episodes. Come backs make stories better. Also the show is just not as funny as it was before. Sure there are halarious jokes but come on?!!!! MOARRRRR!!!!! I'm also getting fustrated to how now the show is getting more "romantic" except of Adventurous. 

    Another thing i don't like is the fact that Marcaline is supposedly the queen of vampires. Oreally? Pretty much what i see from her is that she is a normal teenage settler in Adventure Time. I see absolutely no royal acts of her. Also we all know the Lich is the main antagonist of Adventure Time, well were is he? We need more Lich!!!! And Hunson Abadeer, i mean come on he is the lord of evil righ…

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  • Hunson Abedeer

    i have seen all the episodes of adventure time so far. I have realized that season 3-5 arent as funny as the episodes from season 1-2. Of course they are epic episodes, but the majority of them arent as funny. I just think it will be better if they change the nowdays animations, and jokes , relating to th episodes of season 1 to 2. 


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  • Hunson Abedeer

    i hate it how it shows in this episode that i hurt my daughter so badly. :( im not that type of guy sure i suck souls and i ate my daughter's fries, but im not that type of guy. escuse me im going to give wierd punishment to these stupid demons.

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  • Hunson Abedeer

    IM FAMOUS!!!!!

    September 6, 2012 by Hunson Abedeer I LOOK AWESOME IN THIS PIC I FOUND ON THE WEB!!!! I look like im made by leonardo davinchi!!!!! :)

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