Hello, my wiki pals! As you may or may not know, Adventure Time had a panel today at the San Deigo ComicCon. Sadly, not everyone was able to attend, but luckily, I'm here to give y'alls some neat info learned today.

Well, first off, we got some facts On "Be More." The main plot deals with Finn, Jake, and BMO. Bmo's got a glitch, so the boys have to get him fixed before the robot's memory is completely wiped. Expect to see AMO, CMO, and hopefully more MO's.

Next up, "Sky Witch (episode)." Marceline and PB are tracking down the Sky Witch. Not much exciting things are going on in this preview, honestly. We never see the witch, explore into the girls' relationship, or figure out why they're on the hunt for Maja. Hopefully they're just saving the best stuff for the episode.

Q&A!: A few good questions were asked, and a few good answers were given. One question asked had to do with the pink, bubblegummish stuff seen in "Simon and Marcy." The answer to that will actually be found in the next AT video game, "Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know!." Next, it is revealed that another Graybles episode will be coming up in this season (or the next). Pen also said that there would NEVER be an AT crossover with ANYTHING. Sorry to the very few people who were looking foward to the monstrosity that Johnny Test meeting Finn would be! Finally, we learn something that people have been wondering about since "The Witches Garden:" How DID Jake get his powers? John DiMaggio's joking response was "because he got lots of love," and Pen Ward himself claimed that that was canon information!

Hope you got the facts you wanted if you missed the Convention! And to anyone else who attended SDCC, feel free to point out anything I missed. We're having soft tacos!~User:SuperCp99 SuperCPBig 00:26, July 20, 2013 (UTC)