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NOTE: This is just a Theory

IAmRawr July 28, 2012 User blog:IAmRawr


"Burning Low" will appear anytime. And here is my part of the story: I just think PB is getting a hang of Finn too much, like since the very first episode of AT, Finn saved her, and then again in the other episodes. I guess PB is being "selfish". She IS kind. But what if PB gives out a chance for Finn to be FP's hero.

I'm not being mean to other PB lovers there, or anything. I'm handing out my theory. And, I bet at the ending of the show, PB will set Finn free.

This is IAmRawr, A.K.A Dr. Watson of Beemo. (Hope you read this one message, Beemo: I analyzed Forspring and the preview eversince you said I'm in. Thanks, BTW!)

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