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Adventure Time Fans...ASSEMBLE!!!!!

  • 7 minutes in heaven
  • Adventure Time isn't just for kids...
  • Go ahead... Click it.
  • Lady is preggers!
  • "I AM PREGNANT!" Jake did teir 15. O.O
  • Yeah... That's disturbing
  • *vomits* That's just plain gross...
Okay, I'm getting teased at school because I like Adventure Time. They're all like "What's with the baby cartoons? Watch real shows like The big bang theory." WELL, THEY'RE ALL FULL OF CRAP!!!! IF THEY DON'T LIKE A.T., THEY CAN GO SCREW THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!! Are you teased like me? If so, please leave a comment. And most importantly, remember: If they don't like A.T., TELL THEM TO GO EAT (*censored*)!!!!

If you know haters of Adventure Time on your hands, punch them like Finn punches Magic Man.

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