Hey guys. I've seen some of your comments on Blugo's new blog. I see that all of us are pumped up for Christmas. But I feel that some of you need a reminder. It sounds better in person, but I want you to keep reading. Christmas is about Jesus being born to save the world(Hence the name CHRISTmas). It's about peace and joy and love. It's about family. It isn't about getting free stuff you want. Christmas for me is about being with family, celebrating Jesus. It's about that magic in the air you feel as you look at a beautiful decorated tree with lights. I hope you guys understand and that I've helped you remember what Christmas is about. But I want you to ask yourselves. Would you like Christmas without getting gifts and eating holiday feasts?

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P.S. I don't mean to ruin anyone's fun or whatever, and I know that Blugo's blog was for fun, but I JUST wanted to make sure that peeps had the Christmas spirit. Sorry for trying to do good. Jeez.