Okay, in school, we're studying the Punnent square and all that. So, I want to predict the corndog's ailles.

Okay, so if Lady's ailles for horns are HH (dominant trait) and Jake's are hh (no horn, recessive trait) then lets see the ailles for the horn on the pups. Its easier to understand with a Punnent Square chart, but I'll just explain.

HH is on the top. hh is along the column. There are 4 squares in all. So, if we combine hetyerozygous HH horn and homozygous hh, no horn then the outcome for the all the pups to have horns would be heterozygous horn (Hh), so all the pups would have horns, because the aille for horn HH is dominant.

Next, rainbow fur. Lady's ailles are RR. Jake's are rr. If we combine the two, all of the pups will have rainbow fur.

Now, for Jake's nose (jow?). Jake's ailles for it are JJ. Lady's are jj. Combine, and all the pups get a jow like Jake's.

Not all of this may be accurate as to how the creators made the pups look. So don't get mad if I'm incorrect. However, if the creators did it this way, then it would all be correct.

If you don't know what the crap I'm talking about, look up "Punnent Square" on wikipedia.

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You heard it from Blammo