Hey guys. You all remember how I signed up for football? You all remember how we were un defeated? Well.....Bad news. We got to the Conference championship and lost. Our running back scored with 10 seconds left to try to tie it up. He was stopped 3 yards short of making the 2 point conversion and couldn't tie it up. Coach told us before the game that we hadn't lost on our home field in 2 years. He told us that we would be the first to play a championship on our field. But, we lost final score being 8-6. Every 8th grader (almost) was crying knowing they would never play for Cowpens again. Some of the 7th graders were crying too. As was I. An eighth grader gave me his gloves and told me to put them somwhere safe. The coach told us to blame him for the loss. We put our equipment back and walked out with our heads down. But I just wanted to share this with you guys. See you around guys. Btw do you guys want to see a picture of me with my uniform on? I don't know how to make a poll so leave a comment saying so if you do.