So a few days ago at school i was talking to a group of friends and i was wearing a Adventure Time shirt and my buddy Ivan was wearing his Finn The Human Hat and a Shirt that has Finn saying Algebraic and a kid laughs and says "What are you guys gonna do when Adventure Time gets canceled like most of the other shows on Cartoon Network it happens to all of them look at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friend's Cheese was your idol Finn's gonna get the raw end of the deal just like Cheese. So i slapped him and said "Adventure Time is to good to get Canceled theres too many people Young and Old" I mean if oyur reading this tell me what you think do you think Adventure Time will get cancelled like alot of there other shows and if anything dont you think The Regular Show will go first i like both of them but Adventure Time just calls too me a little more.

Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

Adventure Till We Drop Buddy *`!Shmowzow!`*