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Why do people give minivans a bad rap?

You know, I have a question. All across the Internet, I see people saying they hate minivans. HOW CAN YOU HATE MINIVANS? I don't get it. They're comfortable and they're increasingly luxurious, with reclining 1st and 2nd row seats and rear TVs and everything. How can you hate that? Makes no sense.

Dodge Caravan

Take a look at this Dodge Caravan for example. When it's loaded...

Dodge Caravan inside

...It is among the most luxurious minivans on the market today, behind only Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

Dodge caravan entertainment

It's equal to being on a plane thanks to the new DVD players. How can you hate that?

People say minivans suck because they're not "cool" or "sporty" or "stylish" or anything like that. Well, you know what?


Who cares if it's stylish or cool or anything like that? Not me. All I care about is the amazing features and the versatility. It's useful for carrying cargo or several passengers. What's up with the hate?

Please explain.

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